How to Sell Overstocked Groceries & Food Inventory

When distributors and warehouses wonder how to sell overstocked groceries and food inventory, the answer is Lewisco Holdings. As liquidators, we are clearly the best source for both sales and purchases of these types of products, and are one of the best in the field. We can help dispense with overstocked goods while providing quality, low-priced goods to vetted members of the secondary market.

How to Sell Overstocked Groceries & Food InventoryOur contacts help us make efficient buying and re-selling possible. We have a strong logistical network as well, so we can pick up the same day that we purchase. When we sell these products to our group of 400 strong buyers, delivery can also be fast.

The products we purchase are resold to small, private stores, schools, prisons, food pantries, and deep-discount salvage stores across the country. Each of the entities we sell to has been screened and follows all restrictions on product placement and advertisement.

Top Reasons to Sell to Lewisco Holdings

  • Recoup investment and free up cash flow
  • Clear out warehouse and storage space
  • Reduction of expenses
  • Protection of brand and reputation (we also offer our own label, Mabel’s Farms)
  • Protection of manufacturer restrictions
  • Products kept clear of primary channels, buried deep within the secondary market
  • Fast and fair offer and immediate payment
  • Same or next day pickup
  • We are not brokers or traders

A top of the line liquidator, Lewisco Holdings has what it takes to process large and small product quantities with the same priority and speed. We have warehouses from coast to coast and work with hundreds of buyers and sellers.

Because of our experience, contacts, and logistical abilities, we can offer top-dollar to sellers and low rates to secondary market participants. You won’t find a fairer liquidation source.

If you’d like to recoup as much as possible from your goods and don’t need immediate removal of the products, we also offer our services as a seller. Using our contacts and delivery methods, you can retain possession while we act as salespeople to make you the most profit.

Reasons to Buy from Lewisco Holdings

As we provide primary distributors with an effortless way to recoup their money and shelving space, Lewisco Holdings also provides entities in the secondary line of distribution with the chance to purchase name brand, quality goods at steeply discounted rates.

You won’t be able to find this level of quality at our low prices anywhere else. Lewisco Holdings can even help you locate specially selected products because of our wide range of goods. When you need to stretch your organization’s budget or maximize the profits of a small, independent shop or salvage store, give us a call. We can help you keep the edge you need in the business.

Products We Move

Lewisco Holdings respects the reputation of those from whom we purchase products. We vet and require that all of our buyers respect the brand by not advertising or failing to follow manufacturer restrictions.

To promote profit and productivity, take advantage of the services of Lewisco Holdings. Call us today at (917) 651-0101 to begin the process as either a seller or buyer! We offer a clear answer for anyone wondering how to buy or sell overstocked groceries and food inventory.