How to Sell Excess Inventory

Lewisco Holdings is an expert in purchasing and re-selling overstock, closeout, and discontinued merchandise. If you’re wondering how to sell excess inventory, we’re the answer. We redistribute a broad array of products and have the capacity to handle small and large quantities alike. Don’t allow unwanted stock to keep gathering dust rather than profits; liquidate it today for maximum recoupment of investment.

How to Sell Excess InventoryThose who would like to join our network of sellers will be in a group over 3,600 strong. Present our team here at Lewisco Holdings with photos, all dates on packaging, type and brand of product, quantity, location, and sought-after price, and we’ll reach out with a top dollar offer. If you agree, we will provide immediate payment and arrange for same or next day pickup.

Sometimes, sellers worry that we won’t honor the brand’s reputation or manufacturer restrictions. Our clients can be confident that we’ll conceal their products so deeply within the secondary market that they won’t need to worry about seeing the products anywhere they wouldn’t expect to. We even provide a private label, Mabel’s Farms, for repackaging and branding.

As a well-known leader in the liquidation arena, Lewisco Holdings is able to provide one-time liquidation services or schedule a recurring service. Our lengthy track record of satisfactory liquidation, along with our nationally located warehouses and ample cash reserves allow our clients to rely on our speed and discretion.

When you have products that aren’t selling, Lewisco Holdings can purchase your goods and pass on the discounts to buyers within the secondary market. You’ll have a single source for all of your unwanted merchandise, without disrupting your own customer channels.

We don’t sell to restaurants, primary supermarkets, or convenience stores. Instead, our buyers operate within the secondary marketplace as deep discount privately owned stores, farmers markets, or other organizations with limited budgets.

Lewisco Holdings buys and resells many types of products ranging from frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable groceries; wet and dry pet food and treats; non-alcoholic drinks ranging from water to energy drinks; HBA products; paper goods; and cleaning products.

While we sell to over 400 separate parties, some sellers prefer to keep their goods and request that we sell and ship the merchandise on their behalf, in the hope that they’ll recoup more of their investment. Other companies request that we put them in touch with the auction arena, maximizing profits even further. Both of these options require more effort on the part of the seller.

Buyers can also request specific service from us; we can search for particular products.

Lewisco Holdings is proud to provide the benefits of liquidation to the sellers and the purchasers of unwanted merchandise. Once we’ve relieved our clients of the burden of slow-moving inventory, new product can be placed on shelves and bring in profit.

Salvage stores and budget-limited institutions can benefit greatly from the services of a single source for significantly discounted merchandise. Call (917) 651-0101 to reach out to Lewisco Holdings. Our top-notch customer support makes it easy to discover answers regarding how to sell excess inventory, and our sales practices make it easy to arrange for same day liquidation.