How Do You Sell Surplus Food Inventory?

The process of removing food items from primary lines of distribution needs to be fast and waste-minimizing without sacrificing safety or potential profit. As a grocer or distributor searching for the answers to selling surplus food, you’ll find that Lewisco Holdings is the how you do need for elimination of excess inventory.

How Do You Sell Surplus Food Inventory?With safety being top priority, Lewisco Holdings liquidates food out of primary distribution lines into more appropriate locales. Offsetting your losses doesn’t have to be stressful. We offer one-time or a regularly scheduled service of liquidation, and this liquidation comes with discretion, speed, and fairness.

Step 1 – Reach Out!

If you’re considering liquidation, call Lewisco Holdings or contact us online! To provide you with a quote, we’ll need a few pieces of information. The brand name, type of good, photographs of the product, dates on the packaging (inside and out), nutrition facts, ingredient list, quantity of goods, destination, and preferred price will provide us with enough information to calculate an offer – often the same day.

Step 2 – Accept the Offer!

If you receive an offer from Lewisco Holdings, it will be fair. Should you decide to accept the offer, we will be there to pick up the goods that same day or the next at the latest. Our nationally distributed warehouses and dedicated fleet make this speed possible, which is absolutely essential since we deal with salvage food products.

Step 3 – Relax and Restock!

Lewisco Holdings is a liquidator, not a broker or trader. When we buy your goods, they’re ours, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have protection for your brand identity. We recognize that our clients require confidentiality, and we provide it by vetting buyers and requiring that they refrain from advertising, display, or sale outside of geographic boundaries. When discretion might prove difficult, we even provide our own repackaging service under our label, Mabel’s Farms.

Types of Goods We Buy

If you’re doubting that we can be of help, consider the numerous categories of goods we can liquidate. Food of all kinds, from frozen to refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry goods; pet food including kibble, canned, and treats; non-alcoholic beverages; and general merchandise like paper goods, cleaning products, and HBA items are all suitable for our services. If the good is saleable, we can likely find a new life for it within the ranks of our buyers.

We can liquidate goods that are expired or close to it, part of discontinued or closeout lines, or slow-moving for any other reason.

Typical Buyers of Liquidated Merchandise

As previously mentioned, Lewisco Holdings protects the brand reputation of our clients. We buy goods from over 3,000 separate first line marketers, and discretion is key to keeping their business. For this reason, we limit sales to secondary market members, such as prisons, schools, salvage grocers, independent small retailers, and other institutions far removed from typical sales lines. The 400 distinct entities we sell to include absolutely no restaurants, convenience stores, or big market supermarkets.

Professional liquidation like that provided by Lewisco Holdings is the answer you need when wondering how do you sell surplus food inventory. Slow-moving, outdated merchandise that continually leaches profits and costs overhead is best handled by liquidation. Reach out by calling (917) 651-0101, and we’ll work out a plan for your company’s liquidation needs.