How Do You Liquidate Excess Food Inventory?

Lewisco Holdings provides solutions for first-line companies asking: how do you liquidate excess food inventory?

How Do You Liquidate Excess Food Inventory?Lewisco Holdings is an independently owned, premiere liquidator of unwanted goods. We transfer products into alternative lines of distribution and welcome loads of all sizes throughout the Lower 48 of the US.

Liquidation Purchases through Lewisco Holdings

Excess inventory might seem like a good problem to have, but if the reason you have too much is that sales are slower than expected, it signals trouble. Not only are sales figures lacking, but the investment may have physical space and purchase channels blocked by the existing products. Divesting of the unwanted goods is the best solution, and we offer liquidation that will protect the brand and provide a fair purchase price.

Our liquidation expertise focuses on shelf-stable dry goods, canned, frozen, and refrigerated grocery items as well as alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, and select general merchandise items like toiletries, cosmetics, hygiene products, cleaning goods, etc.

The category of the goods in question is one element that we consider, but we also evaluate the condition of the products. Typically, merchandise that belongs in liquidation sales includes products that are nearing or passed best-by or expiration dates, overstocked or overrun, closeout, discontinued, outdated after updates to packaging or formulation, canceled or rejected, seasonal, promotional, slightly damaged, mislabeled, or otherwise slow to meet sales projections. We have the channels in place, buyers and logistics, to buy and redistribute large quantities of branded goods without putting your sales channels in danger.

When we buy goods, our customers are completely separate from the originally intended ones. We do not sell to traders or diverters either, so they will not circle back around where they shouldn’t.

We have a closely held group of buyers, numbering just over 400, located throughout the United States. From schools and prisons to deep-discount private retailers, Mennonite and Amish Co-ops, food bank organizations, and other secondary market members, our buyers are thoroughly screened and required to refrain from display, marketing, advertising, online sales, and other problematic liquidation practices.

With the buyer group that we have, we’re able to meet all of our clients’ liquidation needs. We follow all manufacturer restrictions and require that our buyers do as well. Furthermore, we offer repackaging services with our own brand, Mabel’s Farms.

Ready to Liquidate?

To begin a liquidation sale, simply reach otu to our team and provide relevant info about the products you want to offload. We’ll need photos, the brand, size, ingredients, quantity, etc., before we can estimate the value adn make an offer. With this info, we can usually return an offer the same or the next day, and if you accept the offer, we will wire payment immediately and arrange to collect our purchase the same or next day. Liquidation will begin right away as we search our buyers for an appropriate target and work the goods through our thirteen national warehouses that we use to expedite goods.

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