Grocery Surplus Store

When times get tough for the family economically, one of the few adjustable line items in the budget is for food and household items. As inflation worsens and belts tighten, the grocery surplus store sector grows more vital to the average family. Lewisco Holdings buys merchandise that doesn’t fit with the standards of the first-line market and directs those goods into alternative markets where consumers are able to use them. 

Grocery Surplus StoreLewisco Holdings’s proven track record, established logistic system, and long-standing collection of buyers and sellers allow us to redistribute a substantial volume of goods from diverse categories into markets where they can be concealed and put to good use.

Liquidation goods are still viable products with some condition(s) that makes them problematic for the regular retail environment.If you are a primary supermarket, restaurant, or convenience store, you don’t want to buy goods from us. In fact, we buy the goods that you don’t want from your distributors.

The products that we buy go to alternative channels like flea market vendors, salvage grocery stores, farmers markets, schools, prisons and jails, privately owned dollar stores, and other retailers and organizations well off the beaten track.

The customers to whom we sell appreciate the opportunity to buy brand name, quality goods at rock bottom prices. The conditions they find products in may be any of the following:

  • Overstocked
  • Short-coded or close-dated
  • Older versions of items with packaging or formula upgrades
  • Near best by or expiration dates
  • Disappointing sales
  • Closeout or marked down
  • Canceled or turned down
  • Otherwise difficult to move

When you understand that the goods we offer are fully intended for use by alternative markets, you can then consider the categories of goods you may have access to when you become a Lewisco Holdings buyer. We liquidate grocery items, non-alcoholic beverages, pet food and treats, and general household goods. 

FYI for Companies in Need of Liquidation

When problematic merchandise is clogging up display and storage spaces in your stores and warehouses, call on Lewisco Holdings rather than throwing items in the dumpster.

Beginning liquidation is easy. We will need relevant product information, beginning with photographs of the goods. Then, provide us with the label/brand, a list of ingredients, the nutrition facts, all dates from the inside and outside of the package, the package size, the quantity of goods per unit/case/pallet/load, location for collection, and desired price. With these pieces of information, our team will evaluate the goods and provide you with an offer to buy them.

Should you accept the offer, we will forward the payment right away and arrange to collect the purchase the same day or the following. 

Lewisco Holdings understands the necessity of brand protection during liquidation. We sell to vetted buyers who follow all manufacturer restrictions closely, and we offer repackaging services as Mabel’s Farms, Lewisco’s own private label.

Contact Lewisco Holdings by calling (917) 651-0101 to buy inventory for a grocery surplus store or other private retail environment. You’ll have quality products that you can use to increase the profit margin or pass on the savings to your customers, earning their appreciation and loyalty. You may also contact us online to express interest in making a purchase or liquidating goods that are only collecting dust and tying up space and cash.