Grocery Shelf Pulls Liquidation

Grocery shelf pulls require liquidation like that Lewisco Holdings provides. Our experience and proven best practices extend the distribution line beyond primary retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. All that you have to do is deliver the relevant product details to receive a fair offer quickly. The entire process – from purchase to pick up, sale, and delivery – is handled directly and discreetly for the benefit of all involved.

This Is Lewisco Holdings

Grocery Shelf Pulls LiquidationAs a foremost provider of liquidation services, Lewisco Holdings is privately owned with a nationwide footprint. We have a network of warehouses and a dedicated carrier fleet to facilitate fast and simple distribution of the products we buy and redistribute. Quantity and location are never impediments to our processes.

The Products Lewisco Holdings Buys and Sells

Lewisco Holdings purchases unwanted goods and confidentially transfers them into secondary markets. Instead of hanging on to goods that bring down the value of your other merchandise or throwing it, and your investment, into the dumpster, choose to liquidate through our service.

We buy all sorts of goods. If you aren’t sure if we handle the specific category of goods in question, give us a call to find out. The following list shouldn’t be considered comprehensive, but it gives a general idea of the goods we buy and re-sell.

  • Shelf-stable dry goods
  • Canned meat, fruit, and vegetables
  • Frozen entrees, desserts, etc.
  • Refrigerated grocery items
  • Alcohol-free beverages of all sorts including water, juice, tea, coffee, sodas, and more
  • Pet food and treats
  • HBA products
  • Paper goods
  • Cleaning chemicals, tools, etc.
  • Much more

The condition of the goods that we buy is less than best, creating the need for those products to be distributed through alternative means. Merchandise that we buy is often short-coded, near the best by or expiration date, overstocked, marked as closeout, part of a discontinued line, an older version of a product with recent updates of ingredients or packaging, cancelled orders, holiday or seasonal goods, or otherwise slow to sell. Selling these goods without causing damage to the brand requires a professional, experienced liquidator like Lewisco Holdings.

Because we have transportation and storage mechanisms, along with a large buyer network, we can buy a wide range of goods and avoid distributing them into the originally intended market. We never sell to restaurants, grocery supermarkets, or convenience stores to ensure that our clients’ customers and ours don’t overlap.

The Targeted Group of Purchasers

Our purchasing network numbers more than 400 separate buyers. We generally sell to small privately owned retailers, charitable organizations, farmers’ markets, food pantries, schools, and prisons. This broad group of buyers allows us to make purchases irrespective of the type of good, condition, or quantity. The guidelines put in place by the manufacturer are honored by our buyers to ensure that the brand’s reputation and customers are never endangered.

Lewisco Holdings provides same or next day pickup of liquidated goods throughout the lower 48 states and delivers by way of our many warehouses distributed throughout the country.

When you need a liquidation company you can count on to handle grocery shelf pulls and other unwanted products, call us at Lewisco Holdings. We’ll provide a fast offer and confidential redistribution on a one-time basis or as a recurring service. To get started, dial (917) 210-9395.