Grocery Salvage Buyers

As inflation causes prices to skyrocket, grocery salvage buyers turn to liquidators like Lewisco Holdings for greater inventory, striving to help those who need it. Our process helps both our customers as well as the original sources burdened with products they can’t sell.

Grocery Salvage BuyersLewisco Holdings provides relief for primary market players and goods for the secondary market. Our process quickly and confidentially removes and redistributes these goods no matter the time of year, the location of pickup and delivery, or the volume of products in question.

Knowing if goods should be liquidated or kept shouldn’t be difficult. If products aren’t meeting sales expectations, they’re costing overhead and preventing you from stocking new goods that would sell better.

Conditions that generally trigger liquidation include almost expired or past expiration, overstocked, slow sales, closeout, discontinued, old packaging or ingredients, canceled orders, turned down loads, or out of season promotional items.

Before you throw goods away, call us. We can likely provide you with an easier, and more profitable, solution.

The Inventory of Lewisco Holdings

Whether you need to buy or sell liquidated goods, consider the products common to our inventory.

  • Dry food items like rice, oatmeal, chips, cookies, etc.
  • Canned foods like tuna, vegetables, sauces, etc.
  • Frozen foods like breakfast waffles, pizzas, and more
  • Refrigerated foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, and lunch meat
  • HBA items like cosmetics and toiletries
  • Paper products like office supplies and toilet paper
  • Cleaning products like chemicals and tools
  • Pet food and treats like kibble, canned, jerky, or biscuits
  • Additional household merchandise

Liquidation is incredibly quick when you choose Lewisco Holdings. You’ll receive a fast and fair offer once we receive the information regarding your goods and can value it appropriately.

The info that we need is fairly obvious. It will include photos, the brand and label, ingredient list, nutrition info, all dates, package size, quantity, location, and preferred price. Send us this information, and we will usually respond with an offer the very same day.

If we agree upon terms, we will send payment immediately and arrive to collect our purchase that day or the next.

As soon as we buy products, we begin redirecting them to appropriate buyers. Liquidated goods have a ticking clock.

Original Brand Protection

Lewisco Holdings is proven in ability, know-how, and capacity. We maximize the lines of distribution by purchasing goods from primary marketers, many of the most prestigious brands in America.

We do not broker or trade; we liquidate. Our sales are directed to alternative markets, such as small private retailers, food banks, prisons and jails, educational institutions, salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers, markets, etc. We do not sell to originally intended customers like restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores. Our clients can count on their goods to never be seen in a light that is less than appealing.

Our discretion efforts mean that liquidated goods must be sold and used without advertising, display, wholesaling, or selling beyond geographic boundaries. We even provide repackaging as Mabel’s Farms to make sure the brand remains concealed.

As salvage grocery buyers look for sources, they should turn to Lewisco Holdings. We buy quality goods and offer them at amazingly low prices. For more information or to begin buying or selling liquidation, reach out online by following this link or calling (917) 210-9395.