Grocery Liquidators Ohio

The grocery liquidators of Lewisco Holdings are able to help Ohio retailers, distributors, and manufacturers regain a portion of the investment made in inventory while resolving the problem of too much merchandise with disappointing sales.

Grocery Liquidators OhioOver the many decades of experience providing liquidation, Lewisco Holdings has cultivated relationships with buyers and sellers of liquidation products. Our financial and transportation resources make it possible to buy and move products without regard to the size of the load, the location, or the time of the year.

We welcome your call to sell unwanted or slow-moving goods as well. Whether overstocked, short-coded, marked as closeout, discontinued, canceled, left from an older product version, turned down, out of date, nearly expired, off season, or otherwise slow-moving, products that we buy aren’t appropriate for primary markets any longer and belong in non-traditional outlets. This point is where liquidation occurs.

The goods that we buy and redirect cover a range of categories, but they’re primarily food goods. If you have frozen, cold, canned, or dry foods; alcohol-free beverages; pet food or treats; or general merchandise in various categories, call us. In the vast majority of cases, we can buy your property and confidentially send it to suitable destinations.

Opportunity buyers who need these types of products can source them from us also. Our buyers are screened, required to heed manufacturer restrictions, and must be part of non-traditional markets. For example, typical customers of Lewisco Holdings include the following:

  • Independently owned dollar stores
  • Mom-and-pop corner stores
  • Community food pantries
  • Prisons and jails
  • Schools and after-school programs
  • Deep-discount salvage stores
  • Flea market vendors
  • Farmers markets
  • Animal shelters

When we sell goods, we require that they remain far removed from the originally intended customer. We do not sell to restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarkets to keep our clients’ merchandise from being displayed in less than pristine conditions.

Benefits of Liquidation through Lewisco Holdings:

  • Clear out display and storage room
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Recoup working capital for fresh purchases
  • Brand and privacy protection
  • Manufacturer restrictions followed
  • Concealment of products within non-traditional markets
  • Swift evaluation, offers, payment, and collection for liquidation
  • Service of liquidation – not broking or trading
  • Thirteen warehouses from coast to coast and a dedicated carrier network for expedited transportation
  • Same- or next-day pickup throughout the Lower 48
  • 100% committed customer support

Benefits of Liquidation Purchases through Lewisco Holdings

The inventory at Lewisco Holdings consists of top brands and high quality products at rock bottom expense. We can even help buyers find specific products within our inventory when requested.

Begin liquidation by contacting us with photos, the brand/label, ingredients, nutrition facts, package size, quantity of goods, location, and preferred price.

If liquidation through outright purchasing doesn’t meet your company’s needs, consider our other options.

We also provide a sales team for our clients where we find a buyer and arrange for drop shipment once the sale is made, or we can provide a tech service that gives you access to an auction experience. Both of these options require that you keep possession until the sale is made, but you will receive the maximum recoupment.

When Ohio businesses and buyers need grocery liquidators, they turn to Lewisco Holdings for reliable service marked by integrity and speed. Learn more about our liquidation processes by calling (917) 210-9395 or contact us online by following this link.