Grocery Liquidators New Jersey

Grocery liquidators of New Jersey provide an avenue for stocking discount salvage stores. Lewisco Holdings has an established history of quality best practices, the financial ability to purchase unlimited quantities of goods, and the warehouse and fleet network to move merchandise fast.

The Goods Found at Salvage Grocery Stores

Grocery Liquidators New JerseySalvage grocery stores are full of quality goods that may not be welcome in large chain supermarkets, but they haven’t lost all viable usefulness. Goods with slight damage, off-season goods, specialty products, and other slow-moving groceries can be found on these store shelves. Before heading to the regular grocery store for your weekly run, evaluate what you can stock up on at the salvage store.

How the Goods Arrive at a Salvage Store

A privately operated grocery liquidator, Lewisco Holdings, distributes excess merchandise into the secondary marketplace of the US. We can move a range of products regardless of quantity, pickup location, or destination. The products we buy and sell to opportunity buyers like salvage stores include shelf-stable dry goods, canned meat and vegetables, frozen merchandise, non-alcoholic beverages, and general merchandise.

Measures Taken to Protect Brand Identity

Liquidating goods into secondary markets can be risky for the brand’s reputation. The measures we take provide protection for the brand so that the products we liquidate are never seen in less than appropriate conditions. Appreciating how important brand protection is, we vet every buyer to make sure that advertising, geographic, and display rules are met.

In addition to salvage stores, we sell to schools, prisons, farmers’ markets, community food pantries, and more. More than 400 separate entities receive our goods, and we target sales to specific buyers. To further protect the brand’s identity, we offer Mabel’s Farms, the repackaging brand Lewisco Holdings uses to conceal well-known brands.

The Buying Process of Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings purchases goods from over 3,000 first line distributors including manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. When goods no longer belong on their shelves, they call us. We’ll help clear shelves quickly and for a fair price.

All we need to make an offer on goods include a few photographs, the specific details about the products, and a desired price. When we can agree on a price, we pay immediately and arrange for same or next day pickup.

When our clients want to gain absolute top dollar, we can help them do it. They’ll have to keep the goods a bit longer while we find the right buyer. We’ll arrange for the sale and pickup. Other solutions we offer include a turn-key process that connects you directly to the auction.

Lewisco Holdings can offer similar personalized service to buyers. When companies require specific products, they can let us know, and we’ll scour our contacts to identify the product in question. Low costs and speedy delivery are essential to liquidation.

When considering the grocery liquidators in New Jersey, remember Lewisco Holdings. We can provide solutions based on a single sale or a regularly scheduled service. Our team has the financial support and the logistical equipment to purchase and sell liquidated merchandise. Reach out by calling (917) 210-9395 if you need to sell merchandise for liquidation or if you’d like to benefit from the opportunity to purchase said goods. Purchasing salvage goods can be an incredible option for families with limited budgets.