Grocery Liquidators Near Me

Have you been asking, “Where can I find grocery liquidators near me?” Before you haul your slow-moving inventory to the dumpster and lose your entire investment, consider Lewisco Holdings. We can pick up and deliver quickly anywhere within the continental US. We have the capacity to purchase and distribute multiple categories of slow-moving products deep within the secondary market.

What Is Grocery Liquidation?

Grocery Liquidators Near MeGrocery liquidation is the process of removing food and beverage items from warehouses and distribution centers because they are not in prime condition for sale in the primary marketplace.

Lewisco Holdings is a top quality, experienced grocery liquidator. We have a long history, extensive capital, and widespread logistical elements to enable quick and effective pickup and distribution of your product within the secondary marketplace.

Highlights of Our Liquidation Service

  • We are not brokers or traders
  • Expect us to provide quick and satisfying liquidation services
  • We will help you make room for new inventory within your store or warehouse
  • We will mitigate your losses and return some funds to your account
  • Privacy protection is one of our hallmarks
  • We respect every manufacturer restriction
  • We have the ability to move as much or as little of your product as required
  • Our locations are strategically placed across the nation to promote efficiency
  • Our buyers are outside the primary market
  • We’ll provide a price estimate and pay quickly
  • Our service offers a single source for eliminating your excess merchandise
  • Enjoy fast pickup on the same or the next day

Our distribution expertise isn’t limited to grocery items. Lewisco Holdings will purchase and redistribute all sorts of grocery items, from frozen to dry as well as pet food and treats of all sorts. We’ll even deal in health and beauty, paper, and cleaning merchandise. If your shelves are full of merchandise you can’t sell, consider giving us a call because we will likely be able to handle it for you.

Our client list is over 3,000 strong, filled with manufacturers and distributors. Lewisco Holdings will pick up the same or next day, offer a fair price, and pay quickly when you have overstocks, cancelled orders, close-dated goods, discontinuations, products with disappointing sales, items with older versions of packaging or ingredients, closeouts, and off-season merchandise. If the product isn’t moving, free up your cash flow by liquidating it with us.

We send it down the line into the secondary marketplace. Our list of buyers is also long, but it’s well-restricted. We vet each buyer and verify that all restrictions from manufacturers and brand protections are in place and followed. When we distribute your goods, they’ll be far from your primary customers.

At some point you’ll face an inventory overflow due to outdated or almost expired merchandise. If keeping the product on your shelves is simply not an option, allow us to help retain as much as possible of your investment. We offer you the opportunity to get top dollar for your products.

Lewisco Holdings is a key player among grocery liquidators near you, and we have the multiple locations to prove it. Give us a call at (917) 651-0101 to have a professional, friendly, and confidential discussion about the solutions we can offer to get your inventory and cash flow moving again.