Grocery Liquidators Massachusetts

Grocery liquidators can help Massachusetts companies deal with excess inventory while providing buyers with the chance to take advantage of excellent prices. Lewisco Holdings is an expert at liquidation with a network of screened buyers, numerous sellers, a dedicated carrier fleet, and nationwide warehouses.

Grocery Liquidators MassachusettsLewisco Holdings expertly deals with dry foods, canned vegetables and meats, frozen entrees and desserts, refrigerated foods, alcohol-free refreshments, wet and dry pet food and treats, HBA items, cleaning products, and paper goods. Regardless of the volume companies need to move, we’d like to hear from you. While we aren’t brokers or traders, we can provide assistance with an array of products whether you need to sell or buy.

The condition of surplus goods is most often the following:

  • Short-coded or close-dated
  • Close to “best buy” or expiration date
  • Overstocks
  • Product overruns
  • Closeouts
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Products with older versions of products with package and formulation changes
  • Slightly damaged, off spec, or mis-cut products
  • Private or store brand labeling
  • Cancelled orders
  • Any other slow-moving problem product

The buyer network we deal with is greater than 400. We sell to independent entities across the country ranging from privately owned retail shops to deep-discount salvage grocers, correctional institutions, schools, food banks, and more. Each of these outfits is far from the primary market where the goods were originally found.

We provide control of display, advertising, and geography related to sales that last well beyond the purchase. Our buyer group is large, making it possible for us to move inventory year-round regardless of destination or volume.

The restrictions that apply to buyers of liquidated goods are meant to conceal brand identity and protect them from display or introduction into primary markets. We’ll make sure that our customers and our buyers’ customers aren’t the same.

Lewisco Holdings is proud to offer fast payment with same-day decisions. Our same and next day pickup is available across the US via twelve nationwide distributed warehouses and an entire fleet of dedicated carriers.

The Lewisco Holdings sales team can be on your side. We’ll help you get supreme price for your goods and arrange for pickup when the transaction goes through. We can also use our auction contacts to sell your goods if you prefer those means. Other options include a one-time approach or a scheduled purchase of routine pickups.

If you’re interested in selling goods, reach out to us online or via phone. To make an offer, we will need photographs of the goods in question, the type of product, the label or brand, a list of ingredients, the nutrition facts on the package, any date on the interior or exterior of the package, the package size, the number of packages in a case, the number of cases on a pallet, the number of pallets in a load, and the desired price. Once you get the offer, if you agree, we will pay immediately and arrange for same or next day pickup. You’ll be pleased with how quickly the problematic products can be removed and the fairness of the price provided.

Call (917) 210-9395 to discuss how grocery liquidators like Lewisco Holdings in Massachusetts can help companies discreetly bury unwanted goods or purchase deeply discounted merchandise to make budgets go further. Minimized waste and maximized profits are the hallmarks of professional liquidation measures.