Grocery Liquidators Los Angeles, CA

Grocery liquidators like Lewisco Holdings serve the buyers and sellers of excess goods in Los Angeles, CA and beyond. Whether you’d like to save a penny or recoup one, we’re here to help!

Why Call Lewisco Holdings

Grocery Liquidators Los Angeles, CAWhen liquidation enters the picture, call Lewisco Holdings. We have a strong capacity for purchases and sales with deep purchase power, thirteen national warehouses, and a dedicated carrier network. Our professionals know liquidation well and will quickly and fairly expedite the process.

Liquidating or purchasing liquidated goods with Lewisco Holdings is entirely possible without regard to volume, season, or location.

Conditions that might trigger a call to us include all of the following:

  • Overstocked items
  • Short-coded or close-dated merchandise
  • Closeout or marked down items
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Outdated products with newer packaging and formulations
  • Canceled or turned down orders
  • Seasonal, promotional, or holiday products
  • Other slow-moving goods

The categories of goods that we buy are similarly broad. We’ll take all sorts of products out of your way including dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated foods; alcohol-free beverages; pet food and treats; health and beauty products; bulk candies, staples, and spices; paper products; cleaning tools and chemicals; and other household merchandise. If you have unwanted goods, we can likely liquidate them, and if you’re in doubt, give us a call to find out! We welcome all queries.

When you do want to liquidate products, we’ll simply need to know the label/brand, the ingredient list, nutrition facts, package size, all dates on the inside and outside of the package, the quantity of goods, the location, the desired price, and photos of the products. We’ll then provide you with an offer, often the same day.

When we buy products, we won’t have them for long. Our inventory is ever changing, and we begin to target sales to our trusted buyers as soon as we purchase them.

Lewisco Holdings’s buyers are a select group of a few hundred entities within the secondary market. We serve the entire continental United States, selling to small retailers, community food pantries, prisons/jails, schools, salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, and other alternative channels.

Advantages to Liquidation through Lewisco Holdings:

  • Open storage and display spaces
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Gain purchase ability
  • Confidentiality and brand protection
  • Continuation of manufacturer restrictions
  • Concealment of goods within secondary markets
  • Fast offers, payment, and transfer of goods
  • Liquidation, no brokerage or trades
  • Nationwide footprint with wide range of warehouses and distribution centers
  • Same-day or next-day purchase collection
  • Impressive customer service

Benefits of Shopping Liquidation Inventory

While we strive to benefit our clients from whom we source our inventory, we also want to provide our customers with unique opportunities to buy brand name goods at rock bottom prices. Buying from us allows organizations to stretch small budgets and helps private retailers establish a customer base by paying forward the savings or extending a limited profit margin.

Additional Services from Lewisco Holdings

  • Proxy sales services – You’ll retain the products while we find a buyer and arrange for shipping.
  • Turnkey auction services
  • Targeted sourcing specific products for our established customers

Assistance from grocery liquidators in Los Angeles, CA, can help both companies with unwanted goods and entities who need a deal! Reach out to us today by clicking here or calling (917) 210-9395. Our mission is to limit waste and extend the lines of distribution to maximum capacity.