Grocery Liquidators Florida

Significant savings on grocery staples come from buying in the salvage market. Grocery liquidators, primarily Lewisco Holdings, help Florida families make the most of strict budgets by supplying an assortment of usable, high-quality grocery items to stock the shelves of discount grocers.

Grocery Liquidators FloridaLewisco Holdings offers a fast and simple way to get rid of slow-moving goods and to scoop up discounted products that have been liquidated. We buy goods for resale rather than serving as a broker or trader.

If you’re already a fan of the bin that holds markdowns at your local grocery, take it a step further and locate a deep-discount salvage store in your area. You’ll be surprised by the range of quality goods available at low prices.

What Are Salvage Groceries?

Salvage groceries are items that are no longer suited for the primary marketplace. They may be slightly damaged, out of season, beyond the associated holiday, slow sellers, discontinued lines, older versions of items with new packaging or formulations, or part of cancelled orders.

The problems with salvage merchandise are often so minute that they have no impact on the quality of the goods. Truck, forklift, and other accidents make it more feasible to salvage the entire pallet or load than divide and package the untouched products.

Know When to Stock Up

The right time to stock up depends on two variables: the percentage off and the likelihood that you’ll use it. Let’s face it, you can buy 10 large jugs of ketchup, but unless your family loves it with every meal, it will likely go bad before it’s used.

A price book where you list typical retail prices is incredibly helpful. Ensure that the savings you gain are as good as what you’d get with a coupon deal. If you have to drive out of your way to shop salvage, factor in the price of additional gas when calculating your savings.

You need to know how much of specific products your family uses, the typical life of products, and the price point of similar grocery items. With this knowledge, you can identify the right product, the right price, the right time, and pull the trigger to stock up on goods your family can use, saving significant sums.

Know When to Pass

A good price and an expired, or almost expired, product can sometimes equal a few extra dollars left in your budget. Sometimes, though, the product is better left lying right where it is. Fresh products like eggs, milk, and juice expire fairly close to the date on the package. Products can be frozen to keep them longer though. Milk and meat are a few of these goods.

Shelf-stable dry goods last well beyond the best by date. Cereal, pasta, canned goods, jarred sauces, and other products are good to go even years past the date indicated.

When packaging is clear, you can check color and texture for quality, and boxed goods with internal packaging intact should be fine. Any small dent is not a problem, but if you see a deep indentation, leaking, or bulging, do not purchase the product.

Grocery liquidators of Florida, like Lewisco Holdings, provide the goods that stock the shelves of deeply discounted salvage stores. By purchasing and redistributing excess and salvage goods, we’re able to minimize waste, recoup the investment of primary distributors, and maximize profits for secondary market grocers. To learn more about our procedures, call (917) 210-9395.