Grocery Liquidators Arizona

Grocery retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of Arizona who require the services of liquidators can rely on the professionals here at Lewisco Holdings to meet their needs with fairness, speed, and discretion. We will buy your products and target them toward appropriate buyers, providing you with the best return on your otherwise lost investment.

For many years, Lewisco Holdings has operated in the world of liquidation. We rescue quality food and beverage items through long-standing relationships on both sides of the market. Our deep pockets of purchase power and extensive transportation and shipping capacity lets us help companies and organizations all over the continental US, whether they have unwanted goods to sell or have a need for quality products and deep discounts.

Thousands of first-line grocery producers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors rely on us for liquidation with brand protection. We honor all manufacturer restrictions and bury goods thoroughly within non-traditional outlets. Original customer circles will never be exposed to the goods that we buy. 

The Choice to Liquidate

At some point unsold grocery and beverage items will begin to decline in quality, and it’s always best to dispense with them sooner rather than later. Our number one goal is to keep the original brand’s identity concealed and reputation protected. Our pledge is to do so through several different measures:

  • We sell only to verified and vetted secondary market customers.
  • We keep a select buying group of privately owned retailers and government or nonprofit organizations. For instance, we typically sell to schools, prisons, community food pantries, small retailers, discount grocery salvagers, flea market vendors, farmers markets, etc.
  • We DO NOT broker or trade.
  • We DO NOT sell to restaurants, convenience stores, full-line distributors, or supermarkets.
  • We require that customers adhere to manufacturer restrictions that require them to avoid display, advertising, wholesale sales, or violating geographic limitations of sales.
  • We provide our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, and repackaging services for products with a brand that isn’t easily concealed.

Since we cater to a large and diverse buying group, we can handle your inventory during every season, from anywhere, and at any amount.

When we provide liquidation, we do so quickly – providing an offer the same day, immediate payment, and same- or next-day purchase collection. By using a dedicated carrier fleet and thirteen distribution centers, Lewisco Holdings is able to provide liquidation with speed as a priority. 

Liquidation Inventory Buyers

If you consider all of the demands that we make on buyers and want to become one, you’ll need to submit to screening in order to have access to our incredible inventory. We buy and resell brand name, quality goods from a variety of categories at rock bottom, lower than wholesale, prices. 

Lewisco Holdings helps organizations with a finite budget make every penny squeak. Our buyers can even count on us to find the exact products that they need. Reach out to our team to become a buyer, and we’ll be happy to break down the process. 

If clients find that liquidation isn’t the ideal solution, consider taking advantage of our services as a proxy sales team or our turnkey auction connection.

Lewisco Holdings provides the service of professional grocery liquidators in Arizona and beyond. We urge entities who have excess goods to sell or the need to buy such goods to contact us at (917) 210 9395 or by following this link. to contact us online.