Grocery Liquidator

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, fair, fast, and confidential grocery liquidator, you’ve found it with Lewisco Holdings.

Grocery LiquidatorExcess inventory is good for little more than collecting dust and taking up finite space. Selling those goods will allow you to break free from the overhead costs and recoup as much of your investments as possible. Once we buy these products, we re-sell and transfer them into alternative markets where they’re discreetly buried. As a liquidation company, we are one of the foremost in the entire country.

When merchandise doesn’t sell, a number of problems could be the cause. Even when products aren’t popular, they’re still useful, and we make sure that they go to the right buyer, giving them second life.

Reach out to us if you have products in any of the following conditions:

  • Short-coded or close-dated products
  • Slow-moving merchandise
  • Overstocked inventory
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Closeout or marked down merchandise
  • Outdated versions of products with new packaging or formulations
  • Canceled orders or turned down loads

As a private liquidator with a nationwide footprint, Lewisco Holdings has numerous warehouses across the country. We also have a deep buying capacity and a dedicated carrier network.

When you’ve invested in products, the failure to sell doesn’t have to mean a complete loss. Liquidate the grocery, beverage, pet, and general merchandise items through Lewisco Holdings to receive fair compensation, fast payment, and hasty pickup.

Protecting Brand Reputation in the Alternative Market

When we buy products, we sell them to select buyers. The buyer group whom we entrust with access to our inventory has been vetted and proven their commitment to brand protections. The buyers are never restaurants, grocery stores, or convenience stores, but they may be a private retailer, correctional facility, school, food pantry, or other alternative market member. All of our buyers avoid heavy display, advertising, violating prescribed geographic boundaries, and wholesaling.

Brand reputation is critically important to liquidation. If the brand is seen in less than pristine conditions, the original company suffers. For this reason, we provide our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, to secure absolute confidentiality.

All of our buyers commit to protecting the brand’s identity and reputation. Without this confidentiality, liquidation is impossible, and waste would be unavoidable.

The Liquidation Process

Clients with merchandise ripe for liquidation should reach out to Lewisco Holdings. Whether you do so online or by phone, we will need to receive the following information: photos, brands, ingredients, nutrition info, all dates on the packaging, the package size, the quantity of product per unit, case, pallet, and load, the location, and the preferred price.

With this info, we can create an offer, allowing you to decide if it’s acceptable. If we’re able to come to terms, we will pay you immediately and pick up our purchase the same day or the next. In this manner, we buy goods outright, and they’re ready for redistribution. We immediately begin to target buyers with the opportunity to buy.

Our clients can also take advantage of our services as a proxy sales force or use our turnkey auction service.

Shelves overflowing with grocery items that won’t sell indicate the need for a trustworthy liquidator. Lewisco Holdings buying these products will clear the way for restocking products that will sell. Learn more about how we can be of assistance by contacting us online or by calling (917) 651-0101.