Grocery Liquidation

For grocery liquidation done well, turn to Lewisco Holdings. We purchase unwanted inventory and then sell it to viable customers, far removed from the primary market. We work quickly, fairly, and confidentially, always.

Grocery LiquidationAs the foremost provider of grocery and beverage liquidation, Lewisco Holdings leverages long lasting relationships with both clients and buyers. We have the capacity, experience, and best practices needed to deal with all quantities of liquidation-appropriate inventory.

The thousands of producers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors who sell to us are confident in our commitment to brand protection, manufacturer guidelines, and customer channels far removed from primary distribution channels.

Hallmarks of Lewisco Holdings Liquidation Service

We understand that our clients’ brand and reputation are more important than taking a loss on excess inventory, so we promote confidentiality as an integral part of our service. We want to prevent the waste of grocery and beverage merchandise. Products that are sold to us are directed into vetted, trustworthy alternative channels. Branded products will not be displayed or advertised in an unfavorable setting when you trust Lewisco Holdings for liquidation.

The group we sell goods to is a tightly held set of a few hundred separate accounts. From small privately-owned retailers to food pantries, correctional facilities, schools, salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, and other opportunity buyers, Lewisco Holdings’ customers appreciate our low costs and incredible quality. We do not sell to primary marketers like restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarket chains. Whether you need to stretch every dollar of a limited budget or need to expand your store’s profit margin, liquidated goods can be the answer.

By trusting us for liquidation, our clients have access to best practices that maintain management of how liquidation proceeds. Since we sell to a large number of buyers, we are also able to handle any amount of inventory. Product category, season, and quantity of goods have no impact on our ability to liquidate since we have such a large target for redistribution.

The process that we use is fast and fair. Once we have the product information that we need, we will evaluate the inventory and send an offer, usually the same day. If we can agree on terms, we will pay immediately and pick up the goods that same day or the next. We owe this speed to having our own dedicated carrier network and thirteen warehouses distributed from one coast to the other.

Ready to Buy?

If you operate a retail space or organization that is far removed from primary channels and would like to buy from our liquidation inventory, you’ll need to establish to our satisfaction that you qualify and that you’re willing to heed manufacturer restrictions. Then, simply let us know the categories of goods that spark your interest.

When we have qualifying merchandise come into our inventory, we will give you a call and help you do more with less. If brand concealment is an issue, we can provide repackaging services under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

Transform problematic grocery inventory into ready cash through liquidation with Lewisco Holdings. Liquidation offers sellers a simple way to return to profitability with items that will sell better, and it provides buyers with the goods needed at prices that allow the extension of savings to customers, the establishment of a significant customer base, or the maximization of a limited budget.