Grocery Liquidation Pallets

When the economy struggles, the family grocery budget is often one of the first casualties. This situation provides a creative, bold company with the opportunity to do good while turning a profit. Grocery liquidation via Lewisco Holdings results in the option to buy pallets of merchandise to help families stretch their budgets further.

Grocery Liquidation PalletsA slow economy can often result in larger than normal backlogs of goods. Liquidating these products creates a situation where opportunity buyers like salvage grocers can purchase quality, brand-name goods at less-than-wholesale prices. Lewisco Holdings is the ideal liquidator for both sellers and buyers alike.

Opportunity buyers trying to start up a small retail business should remain aware of small costs that add up, work efficiently, and share savings with customers. Lewisco Holdings is the right supplier to start and stay on the track to success. We will provide dependable sourcing of quality products that will allow you to provide customers with an excellent price while retaining a profitable margin.

Save Significant Sums

Choose Lewisco Holdings to gain excellent pricing, a broad array of categories of goods, and an uncomplicated selling and buying process. To buy from us, you’ll need to be vetted. We do require protection for our sellers’ brands. Once complete, you can simply relay to us the type of good you’re looking for, and we’ll get in touch whenever we make an appropriate purchase. You can also ask us to find a specific product, and we will search widely within our liquidation sources to locate the requested product at a significantly reduced price.

The typical product we liquidate is a slow mover, near the expiration date, slightly damaged, or have some other minor issue. We often buy a range of goods including food, non-alcoholic beverages, pet items, and general merchandise.

Lewisco Holdings buys from some of the largest members of the primary market when their goods need to be liquidated, and we pass these quality products on to secondary market players. You can be one of these buyers, garnering products at prices that will drive customer traffic and build a loyal base of customers for your business.

Work Efficiently

Misspent time is money not earned, and this fact is especially true for fledgling businesses. Speed is another area where Lewisco Holdings saves the day! We frequently provide same-day offers, same-day or next-day pickup, and an equally hasty delivery. The ticking clock is particularly relevant to salvaged or surplus goods, and you can trust that we’ll provide efficient service.

To achieve the necessary speed, we’ve developed a system of logistics that includes a dedicated carrier fleet, thirteen nationally distributed warehouses, and a staff of highly trained professional liquidators.

Share Savings with Shoppers

Standing out in the world of dollar stores and mom-and-pop stores can be difficult. By providing low prices that are 50% or more off retail and regularly providing even greater sales, you can quickly become popular among the bargain hunter crowd, a group that’s sure to grow as the economy’s health diminishes.

We regularly sell to discount salvage grocers, small retailers, government-operated institutions, and correctional facilities.

The pandemic economy is tough on the average family. Getting through these difficult times will lead shoppers to your doors when you open a salvage store stocking grocery liquidation. Call Lewisco Holdings at (917) 651-0101 today to order pallets of quality goods at amazing prices!