Grocery Liquidation Near Me

Proven grocery liquidation near me is as close as a phone call to Lewisco Holdings, anywhere within the US. Our inventory is always changing because we make quick work of our purchases, so we’re constantly ready for incoming goods to liquidate.

Grocery Liquidation Near MeA successful, independently operated liquidator, Lewisco Holdings has set best practices and logistics in place to operate efficiently. Any volume, any location, and any goods are welcome.

You might imagine that liquidation goods are worthless, but that’s simply not the case. We purchase goods that don’t belong in the primary marketplace but are still usable and shouldn’t be wasted. Typical conditions include being almost or past expiration, overstocked, slow sellers, closeouts, discontinued, outdated in packaging or recipes, canceled orders, or out of season. Our goal is to buy these products and distribute them to alternative customers where the non-pristine condition of the goods won’t affect the original brand.

Our specialty is in groceries, but we liquidate much more than food. In addition to any sort of dry, canned, frozen, or refrigerated food items, we will also purchase, alcohol-free drinks, pet food and treats, HBA goods, and a host of general merchandise.

Give us a call if you’re curious as to the liquidation capacity of goods in your spaces.

The Easy Liquidation Process

Lewisco Holdings makes it easy to liquidate goods. Begin by contacting us with the brand and label of the products in question; photographs; the ingredient list; nutrition facts; all dates on the interior and exterior of the package; the package size; the quantity of goods per unit, per case, per pallet, and per load; the location; and the desired price.

Using this information, professional liquidators will quickly provide you with an offer, and if you like it, we will pay you immediately and collect the goods the very same day or the next.

Once within our inventory, we will immediately begin to target sales to our vetted and trusted buyers.

The buying group we allow to access our inventory numbers just a few hundred, but they’re spread throughout the nation. These buyers enjoy the chance to purchase quality goods at a low price.

Because the buyers we sell to must be far removed from original markets, we are incredibly careful about whom we approve. The buyer may be a private small retailer, a community food pantry, a jail or prison, an educational facility, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and any other alternative customer.

Lewisco Holdings is not a broker or a trader, nor do we sell to distributors, convenience stores, restaurants, or supermarkets.

Liquidated goods must be carefully distributed. The original brand’s identity and reputation is at risk, so we require all customers follow manufacturer guidelines:

  • No display
  • No advertising
  • No wholesaling
  • No selling beyond geographic bounds
  • No sales to originally intended customers

If liquidation isn’t for you, consider our other services. We will serve as a proxy sales team, provide turnkey auction service, or scour our networks for specific goods for our approved buyers.

Are you searching for grocery liquidation “near me”? If so, Lewisco Holdings is the choice for you. We have a nationwide footprint and stellar customer service. For more information about how we operate, or to begin the process of buying or selling liquidated goods, call (917) 210-9395 or click here.