Grocery Liquidation Buyers

Whether you manage a deep discount salvage store, make bulk purchases for prisons or schools, or even run a small, independent grocery shop, consider becoming one of Lewisco Holdings grocery liquidation buyers. As a privately-owned liquidation expert, we’ll provide you with excess inventory for you to pass the savings on to those you serve.

Grocery Liquidation BuyersOur expertise lies in liquidating all sorts of goods including food, beverage, food, paper, cleaning, and even health and beauty products. From a pallet to a truckload, any amount of goods can be purchased outright and redistributed in a streamlined and discreet fashion. We have the ability to handle large volumes, and we provide service promptly and professionally.

Types of Products We Purchase and Redistribute

Within our numerous warehouses, you’ll likely find products that have been kicked from the primary marketplace for a variety of reasons. Products may be close to expiration, near the “best buy” date, overstocked, over-purchased, closeouts, discontinuations, older formulations or packaging variations, irregularly cut or made, private labels, cancellations, off-season, or other slow-moving merchandise.

Becoming a Buyer

If you decide to become one of our buyers, you’ll join a group of over 400 discrete accounts that cover the breadth of the continental US. We serve a variety of institutions, but we require that each and every one follow strict rules regarding confidentiality, geography and other restrictions, and a ban on advertisements. Because we do have such a large buying base, we can redistribute large amounts of product quickly no matter the time of year or product type.

Our objective is to bury goods that can’t be sold in the primary market, so we make sure to redistribute goods far from primary sales channels. When appropriate, we even repackage goods so that you won’t have an issue reselling them. Rather than a large name brand, in the secondary market, products can be sold under Lewisco Holding’s brand, Mabel’s Farm.

Becoming a Seller

If you’re a seller of excess inventory, bear in mind that we at Lewisco Holdings will send an immediate offer and payment upon acceptance. We’ll pick up that day or the next, and we can ship anywhere within the lower 48 by way of our national warehouse facilities.

Before we make that offer, you’ll need to send us specific information about the products in question. Details about expiration dates, photographs, the quantity of goods involved, the package size, and other relevant information will enable us to  make an informed offer.

If you need a supplier of deeply discounted products and would like to become one of our grocery liquidation buyers, reach out to Lewisco Holdings at (917) 651-0101. We offer top of the line customer service and a steady stream of saleable secondary market merchandise. We’re also happy to serve primary distributors, manufacturers, and retailers should they face a situation where they’re ready to clear some room and recoup some of their investment.