Grocery Inventory Liquidation

When manufacturers and distributors have excess inventory, such as when a product is discontinued or packaging has recently been changed, the option to use grocery inventory liquidation, like that provided by Lewisco Holdings, is preferable to taking a complete loss on the product.

Lewisco Holdings is a leader in the liquidation industry, a position that’s been established over many years of providing satisfactory service to buyers and sellers alike.

Grocery Inventory LiquidationLiquidating inventory generally results in deeply discounted prices – even beyond wholesale. Sellers are willing to sell these products at lowered prices to prevent a total loss, particularly with groceries on the path to obsoletion. Buyers benefit from this willingness to deal by receiving quality, name-brand goods at costs that allow budgets to stretch and customers to save.

Lewisco Holdings is known to provide swift liquidation of grocery items, returning shelf space and cash flow to first lines of distribution. Grocery items aren’t the only products we liquidate. We also purchase and re-sell non-alcoholic beverages, groceries in all forms, wet and dry pet food and treats, bulk spices and candy, paper goods, cleaning products, cosmetics, and toiletries.

Avoiding loss through liquidation isn’t without risk. Damage to the brand’s reputation and chain of customers is possible when liquidators aren’t conscientious about redistribution.

Lewisco Holdings demands that our buyers complete a verification process and commit to respecting the confidentiality of the products. All manufacturer restrictions, from advertising to geographic limitations, are strictly enforced, and none of our purchasers come from primary lines of distribution.

First line distributors, convenience shops, primary supermarkets, and restaurants aren’t allowed to buy our products. Instead, Lewisco Holdings caters to the purchase demands of more than 400 salvage grocers, privately operated small stores, prisons and jails, schools, community food banks, and other members of the secondary marketplace.


Brand protection is such a priority for Lewisco Holdings that we provide repackaging and branding solutions under our own private label, Mabel’s Farm. We make it easier for sellers to trust their brand will be protected and for buyers to make sure that their efforts at discretion are successful.

Buyers and sellers within our network appreciate the speed with which we operate, as well as the numerous categories we liquidate.

Sellers who have products that are discontinued, overstocked, short-coded or close-dated, older versions of products with newer packaging or recipes, closeouts, seasonal, or otherwise sluggish in sales should come to Lewisco Holdings for liquidation.

The logistical capacity and streamlined process that we use for liquidation makes the process easy and fast. We have warehouses from one coast to the other, ample financial resources, and dedicated team members. These elements make it possible for us to arrange same or next day pickup once we’ve arranged a purchase agreement.

The typical method Lewisco Holdings uses for liquidation is to purchase goods and then re-sell them. However, we also provide our sales and shipping expertise while you keep your product, or we’ll put you in touch with auction professionals for maximum profits.

Grocery inventory liquidation allows you to clear out space and recoup funds as a seller or garner the benefits of maximized savings as a buyer. All that you’ll need to do is contact the helpful team at Lewisco Holdings. Our fast, comprehensive answers to aging goods can be scheduled as a regular service or as a one-time occurrence. Call (917) 651-0101 today to start the process.