Get Rid of Excess Food Inventory

How do first-rate marketers get rid of excess food inventory? The answer is professional liquidators like Lewisco Holdings.

If you’re dealing with items that are on the verge of expiration or simply collecting a thin layer of dust as days go on, liquidation can be the ideal solution. The next step will be to choose a provider, and Lewisco Holdings is one of the best in the nation.

Get Rid of Excess Food InventoryWe offer a large rolodex of sellers and buyers, a wide network of transportation and warehouse facilities, and deep access to purchase power. Lewisco Holdings welcomes any amount of difficult-to-sale food or grocery items – regardless of the time of year or the quantity of goods. We transfer goods safely and quickly from primary markets into secondary lines of distribution – ensuring that products aren’t wasted and entire investments lost. This process benefits everyone from the manufacturer down to the recipient of the low-priced quality goods.

The classifications of goods that we move are numerous. In general, any product that disappoints in sales can be transferred into secondary markets through Lewisco Holdings. We welcome closeouts and mark downs, discontinued product lines, overstocked inventory, short-coded/close-dated merchandise, older versions of merchandise with formulation or package changes, cancelled orders or turndowns, seasonal or holiday items, and much more.

Liquidation within the Grocery Market

Lewisco Holdings specializes in several areas related to the grocery arena. While grocery items are usually dated, those dates are often misunderstood. Instead of disposing of products near or passed expiration, take the time to find out if they’re liquidation worthy.

Our inventory regularly includes frozen, refrigerated, shelf-stable dry goods, and canned foods, non-alcoholic beverages, pet food and treats of all sorts, paper goods, HBA merchandise, and cleaning tools and chemicals.

If you’re wondering whether the goods you need to liquidate will fit within our catalog, reach out to our staff. We can quickly provide an answer and an offer.

The Destination of Liquidated Goods

Liquidated goods wind up in the secondary market. A quality liquidator needs a number of buyers to accept liquidated goods, and Lewisco Holdings is proud to have buyers numbered above 400 distinct entities.

Specialty buyers and auction markets are also possibilities when you deal with us. We have an array of contacts in our network.

The majority of our buyers are private, governmental, or charitable organizations like mom-and-pop stores, food banks, correctional institutions, salvage grocers, schools, farmers’ markets, etc. We separate our buyers far from primary markets like restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarkets. Our clients rely upon us to ensure that their brands are never exhibited in a manner unworthy of them.

Our buyers are remarkably well vetted. The brand reputation of our product sources is of the utmost importance, so we require that our buyers use professional discretion in sales. Every single manufacturer restriction related to ads, display, and geography must be followed, and our strict adherence to this rule is clear in our reputation and loyal customer base.

Call on us here at Lewisco Holdings when you need to get rid of excess food inventory. We’ll need photos and product info in order to send an offer – often on the same day. Immediate payment and same-day pickup will follow. For more information, reach out by calling (917) 651-0101 or contact us online. We’re driven by the goal to minimize waste and maximize the food supply.