Frozen Food Inventory Liquidation

Frozen food inventory is of prime value in the liquidation marketplace. Its long life makes it a great option for buyers and sellers of liquidated goods, like Lewisco Holdings. Discontinued product lines, almost-expired goods, or otherwise difficult to sell items find no shortage of uses in the secondary marketplace.

Frozen Food Inventory LiquidationLewisco Holdings leads the liquidation market in experience and customer satisfaction. We offer first and second market members with solutions by providing first line market members with a discreet way to mitigate losses and the second line market with a source of high-quality, name brand goods at significantly reduced prices.

We’re proud to provide confidential liquidation for some of the foremost US brands.

The Lewisco Holdings’ inventory includes a range of goods. We buy frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry grocery merchandise; alcohol-free beverages; pet food and treats including kibble, canned, jerky, and biscuit style; bulk lots of candy, spices, and baking goods; HBA items like toiletries and hygiene merchandise; paper products; and cleaning tools and chemicals.

Our relationships with the distributors, producers, wholesalers, and retailers create an inventory with plenty of products. We’re able to liquidate goods in a variety of conditions including the following:

  • close-dated/short-coded products
  • Merchandise near or past best by or expiration dates
  • Overstocked items
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Closeout and mark down items
  • Product overruns
  • Package and recipe updates
  • Mis-labeled or off-spec merchandise
  • Private and store labels.
  • Cancelled or turned down merchandise
  • Slow-moving products

Lewisco Holdings picks up and delivers using our dedicated carrier fleet, and we operate out of our thirteen warehouses spread throughout the country. Fast and fair are the operative terms that describe our processes.

Brand and Reputation Protection

Liquidation often comes without risk, making many first line marketers choose dumpsters instead. With Lewisco Holdings, you don’t have to risk a thing. We dedicate ourselves to brand protection.

We recognize the importance of brand protection. Our customers are vetted and required to submit to manufacturer restrictions on display, advertising, and geographic boundaries. When confidentiality is difficult to maintain, we even provide a repacking solution under the brand Mabel’s Farms, a private label all our own.

Lewisco Holdings is not a broker or trader. We purchase goods outright, but we do not sell to any first line marketers like supermarkets, distributors, convenience stores, or restaurants. Our buyers are all part of the second distribution market. Examples include privately owned retailers, salvage grocery stores, food pantries, farmers’ markets, prisons/jails, schools, flea market vendors, and other opportunity buyers.

Lewisco Holdings Provides Outright Buying

With Lewisco Holdings providing liquidation, your inventory will be out of your way and off of your mind. With a bit of information, we can process what you have and deliver an offer. The only info we’ll need includes the label or brand, list of ingredients, nutrition facts, photographs, all dates on the interior and exterior, the package size, the number of items per case, the number of cases per pallet, the number of pallets per load, the location, and the preferred price. The staff here at Lewisco Holdings will send an offer fast, usually the same day.

If you’d like to schedule a one-time liquidation service or a regularly scheduled liquidation solution for frozen food inventory, Lewisco Holdings is available and prepared to handle your needs. Reach out to learn more, either online or by calling (917) 210-9395.