Food Shelf Pulls Liquidation

When food items near their best by and expiration dates, they become shelf pulls, and the appropriate next steps for these products involve liquidation, provided by a professional, experienced company like Lewisco Holdings. These products that would have been otherwise thrown away become a way for organizations to maximize budgets and retailers to build profits.

Food Shelf Pulls LiquidationLewisco Holdings, a well-known leader in the liquidation industry, serves the entirety of the continental United States. We have a long history of operations, which has provided us with the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with buyers and sellers of liquidated goods. Our name is synonymous with fair dealing, speed, and satisfaction with every interaction.

Liquidated Good Suppliers

Our established network of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and other primary market members are the sources for our inventory. When merchandise is in less than ideal condition, we buy it and redistribute it. Our inventory serves as a source for name brand goods at lower than low prices.

The beneficiaries of our low priced, high quality goods include small, privately owned retailers; dollar stores; salvage grocers; community food pantries; charitable organizations; schools; jails and prisons; flea market vendors; and many more secondary market members. Our aim is always to vet buyers and ensure that they are separate from the primary lines of distribution and committed to following all manufacturer restrictions.

In tough times like those many are experiencing now, the savings we provide can be a lifeline, and we’re proud to provide it. When buyers seek particular items, we can search for those goods within our network of clients and target the sale toward the buyer.

To become part of our buying group, you’ll need to submit to vetting procedures. Give us a call and describe the kind of products you’re interested in purchasing. When this sort of merchandise becomes part of our inventory, we will target the products your way, providing all of the information you’ll need to determine whether you’d like to make the purchase.

Offload Your Unwanted Merchandise

If you need to rid yourself of unwanted merchandise while losing as little of your investment as possible, Lewisco Holdings will likely buy it. We buy all sorts of goods from food and grocery items to alcohol-free beverages, pet items, cleaning products, health and beauty goods, and paper products from over 3,000 members of primary lines of distribution. The following is a list of the typical conditions of goods we buy:

  • Short-coded merchandise
  • Items nearing the best by or expiration date
  • Overstocked inventory
  • Closeout marked goods
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Older versions of goods with new packaging or recipe
  • Slightly damaged goods
  • Off spec products
  • Private-label shelf pulls
  • Cancelled or turned-down loads
  • Other slow-moving products

Sellers of slow-moving products often fret that their brand will be seen in less than desirable conditions. Choosing Lewisco Holdings eliminates this worry because we strictly control the movement of the goods we buy and sell. Our vetted, large buyer network facilitates this targeted sales process as well as our purchase of all sorts of goods regardless of the size of the load or the season.

If you’re looking for a quality means of liquidation for food shelf pulls, you’ve found it. Lewisco Holdings provides swift resolution of your unwanted products with a fair price and same-day pickup. Reach us at (917) 210-9395 to begin the process or to become a buyer.