Food Return Pallets for Sale

Food distribution operations commonly experience turn downs and returns of products, and when they do, they call on Lewisco Holdings. We buy food return pallets and then offer these goods for sale to opportunity buyers. Whether you’re on the front or back end of the food distribution chain, rely on us to perform for you.

Advantages of Buying Food Returns

Food Return Pallets for SaleThe private retail market as well as organizations with small budgets find the purchase of liquidation goods incredibly beneficial.

Private retailers, those small mom-and-pop grocery, corner, and dollar stores, can find it difficult to grow a customer base. By offering deals and significant discounts, these retailers can grow their niche and earn a dedicated following. We offer a way for these retailers to accomplish this goal. We can also help private grocers and salvage grocery stores to stock their shelves and widen their often limited profit margins.

Organizations with small budgets like schools, prisons, jails, animal shelters, food pantries, and homeless shelters can also benefit from our liquidation inventory. Maximizing the use of a shoestring budget is always important for these organizations.

If you’re looking for quality liquidation goods, you’re in luck. Lewisco Holdings provides a large and diverse catalog of merchandise, and we provide repackaging under Mabel’s Farms, the Lewisco Holdings private label, to ensure that you’re able to follow all applicable manufacturer guidelines, particularly those related to advertisement and display.

The chief rule that we have for our buyers is that they respect confidentiality. Without discretion, liquidation simply doesn’t work because of the risk of brand damage that the major brands we purchase from can’t tolerate.

The diversity of our catalog ranges from groceries to alcohol-free beverages, pet items, and general merchandise. When items aren’t appropriate for the primary marketplace any longer, we step in and purchase them for resale.

Lewisco Holdings serves the entire country, from one coast to another. Because we have multiple warehouses spread throughout the country and a dedicated carrier network, we’re able to pick up the goods that we buy the same or next day and deliver purchases quickly.

As you plan to make a purchase of liquidated goods, ask questions and make sure that you understand what you’re buying and how it came to be available.

The process of buying from Lewisco Holdings begins with vetting. Realize that we do not sell to just anybody. Not only do you have to qualify as a secondary market member, but you also need to verify that you will appropriately conceal the brand, protect the original company’s identity, and steer clear of primary customer channels.

The mission of the team at Lewisco Holdings is to give dead products a second life, limiting waste while helping first line distributors regain moving capital and room to stock and store new products. We recognize the usefulness of goods and have connections to buyers that can use them.

When we buy goods, we reach out to buyers in a targeted fashion; however, if you, as a buyer, have a particular need, we can scour our contacts and locate a great buy on your behalf.

If you’re looking for highly discounted food prices, consider the return pallets Lewisco Holdings has for sale. We’ll be happy to locate the products that you need and deliver them for the rock bottom price possible. Reach out today by calling (917) 651-0101 or clicking here.