Food Pallets for Sale

Food waste is a huge societal problem. As companies liquidate inventory, Lewisco Holdings purchases food pallets and places them for sale. We’re proud to provide manufacturers and distributors with a way to recoup their investment while connecting small discount stores with greatly discounted, quality merchandise.

Convenience and Protection for Primary Distributors

Food Pallets for SaleOne of the main reasons for food waste is concern over brand reputation. Lewisco Holdings diligently provides discreet service. We will even provide repackaging and rebranding under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, when the situation demands such action.

As a strong force in the liquidation arena, Lewisco Holdings provides advantages to our clients from whom we buy merchandise as well as our customers who purchase liquidated inventory. We have a fleet of carriers, 13 warehouses around the country, and plenty of financial resources to purchase all sorts of goods in various quantities.

Sellers of dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated food items; non-alcoholic beverages; wet and dry pet food and treats; bulk candy and spices; and general merchandise are welcome to call us and make a liquidation arrangement.

We proudly serve more than 3,000 distributors, manufacturers, and primary retail entities who have slow-moving merchandise that needs to be liquidated before it becomes obsolete.

Scenarios that typically describe products in this situation include short-coded and close-dated items, merchandise that is almost or past expiration, products with disappointing sales, overstocked goods, closeouts, overruns, packaging and ingredient changes, discontinued lines, cancellations, and seasonal items.

When merchandise lingers for longer than is profitable, give us a call to clear off your shelves and mitigate your losses.

Opportunity for Profits and Savings with Lewisco Holdings

Discount stores and community organizations gain the chance to turn a greater profit and stretch limited budgets by purchasing from Lewisco Holdings. Our name-brand, high quality products are deeply discounted and will serve the right buyer well.

The Lewisco Holdings Liquidation Process

Our result-oriented process focuses on providing hassle-free inventory liquidation. To make arrangements to sell overstocks, closeouts, and other excess merchandise, reach out via phone by calling (917) 651-0101 or online through the form provided on our website.

We request that you provide pictures of the products, the brand name, ingredient list, nutritional info, all dates from the package’s interior and exterior, package size, quantity of products, location, and preferred price. We have an experienced, dedicated staff who will make a confidential valuation and provide an offer to purchase your dying stock.

If you accept the offer that we make, we’ll pick up the merchandise from your site the same or the next day, regardless of the location. Our 13 nationwide distribution warehouses allow us to act fast.

Not only will we pick up quickly, we pay fast as well. The key features of the Lewisco Holdings process include:

  • Location is not a factor, and neither is quantity.
  • Brand and reputation protection are foremost goals.
  • Products will be redistributed far from regular sales channels
  • Our process is simple and straightforward.
  • Payment will be immediate.
  • Same-day decisions are common.
  • We are not brokers or traders; we are liquidation buyers.

Whether you have excess food pallets for sale or seek a great deal on quantity groceries, call Lewisco Holdings. Our goal is to limit food waste – one salvage load at a time.