Food Liquidators Seattle, WA

The passing of time is a very real danger for goods, particularly food items. As merchandise remains on shelves week after week, they become less and less saleable. Food liquidators of Seattle, WA, including Lewisco Holdings, provide assistance and recoupment that is effortless and discreet.

Food Liquidators Seattle, WAOnce we make an offer, come to an agreement, send payment, and pick up goods, you’ll be free of the burden with available cash, display space, and storage for new investment. The process will be easy, fast, and keep the liquidated goods far from your own customers.

A company like Lewisco Holdings specializes in food liquidation. We strive to help minimize waste, reduce losses, and speed the flow of merchandise into its secondary life of liquidation. If you’re unaware of the benefits of liquidation, consider how much you’ll save by limiting the losses and overhead costs associated with holding on to aging goods or disposing of them altogether.

Avoid the Evil of Waste

Adjustments to product packaging and recipes are a fact of business, but they can pose a challenge for producers, distributors, and retailers. The remaining pre-modified products are still perfectly viable but no longer in prime condition for sale to standard customers. Lewisco Holdings is happy to buy these goods, preventing waste or damage to the brand.

Competing liquidators with our capacity for purchase and transport are few and far between. Lewisco Holdings partners with a number of liquidation buyers, and we go above and beyond to protect the public image of the brand.

We’ll be able to provide a top-end price along with this protection of your brand. In addition to buying goods outright for redistribution in our buying group, we can also provide proxy sales services and turnkey auction processes. Give us a call to discover how the various processes work and which is most likely to provide the most recoupment.

The buyers and sellers who count on Lewisco Holdings to perform in a satisfying fashion consistently return, further evidence of our dedication and competence. We offer a deep well of cash reserves, a dedicated carrier network, and warehouses distributed from one coast to the other.

Lewisco Holdings is neither a broker nor a trader.

We buy a range of products including older versions of merchandise with new packaging or formulations, seasonal or holiday promotions, expired or nearly expired goods, overstocked inventory, closeout or marked down goods, discontinued product lines, or any other slow-moving merchandise.

For liquidation to begin, companies that need to sell goods to us should contact us with the info we’ll need to create an offer. The information we need includes the following:

  • Photos of the products
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutrition facts
  • Dates on packaging (inside and outside)
  • Package size
  • Quantities per case, per pallet, and per load
  • Preferred price
  • location

If you accept our offer, we can pay immediately and will arrive for pick up that day or the next.

If you are in the secondary market and would like the opportunity to seize the deep discounts we provide, you can become part of our buyer group. While we don’t sell to convenience stores, restaurants, or supermarkets, we welcome calls from schools, jails, mom-and-pop store owners, salvage grocers, flea market vendors, and other second-line marketers.

Food liquidators loosen the processes of distribution when products don’t sell, and for Seattle, WA, companies, Lewisco Holdings is the best in the business. Buy or sell liquidated goods today by calling (917) 651-0101 to begin the process.