Food Liquidators San Francisco

Giving liquidation inventory a second opportunity is the mission of food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings, and San Francisco distributors and retailers can minimize their losses by choosing our services. We offer both the first and second lines of distribution a valuable service. Sellers gain relief from dead merchandise, and buyers gain quality merchandise at substantially reduced prices.

Food Liquidators San FranciscoLiquidation of grocery, beverage, pet, and general merchandise is a system that begins when we buy unwanted products. Once within the Lewisco Holdings’ inventory, we will transfer the property in a targeted fashion to players in secondary lines of distribution. Our experience is vast, and our logistic network allows us to operate quickly, fairly, and confidentially.

The volume of products that our clients have available doesn’t influence the purchase. One pallet or several truckloads – we can purchase it all. By offloading these slow-moving products, you will have storage and display space, available cash for reinvestment, and the peace of mind that your brand is protected.

Come to Lewisco Holdings as a Seller of Liquidation Goods

Distributors and retailers often hold on to goods for far too long or simply pull up the dumpster for disposal. Instead of wasting time, losing profits, and needlessly throwing away viable products, call Lewisco Holdings. We make it convenient to liquidate with a mere phone call and a bit of information provided.

Contact us with photos, an ingredient list, the brand/label, nutrition facts, package size, quantity of goods, preferred price, and location. We can generally respond with an offer the same day. If we come to terms, we pay immediately and pick up that day or the next. We have a deep well of purchasing power, a dedicated carrier network, and warehouses spread from coast to coast.

Alternative measures we offer include acting as a proxy sales team as well as a turnkey auction process. We will allow you to keep the merchandise, find a buyer for you, and arrange shipping.

Come to Lewisco Holdings as a Buyer of Liquidation Goods

Lewisco Holdings, as a liquidator, doesn’t buy goods to hold onto them. We sell what we buy to more appropriate avenues. We vet buyers to make sure that they will willingly comply with manufacturer restrictions. These rules govern geography, advertising, display, and wholesaling. We even offer private label repackaging, as Mabel’s Farms, in order to provide discreet liquidation.

We sell to 400+ distinct secondary market members all over the Lower 48. From private retailers to deep discount salvage grocery stores, community food pantries, jails/prisons, schools, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, and other alternative markets, we strive to ensure that the originally intended customers never see liquidated goods in less-than-ideal circumstances. From extending profit margins to maximizing a limited budget, we help prevent food waste in a land ripe with hungry families.

The limitations that we place on redistribution are critical to liquidation. They provide protection for brand identity, reputation, and customers. Our buyer list never includes convenience stores, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Businesses looking for the best food liquidators in San Francisco should look to Lewisco Holdings. We have a broad collection of buyers and sellers, and we operate with a variety of product types. Call (917) 651-0101 to become part of our contact network. We’ll be happy to provide liquidation services or inventory.