Food Liquidators Sacramento, CA

Lewisco Holdings is the best among the food liquidators that serve Sacramento, CA. We buy and then sell a plethora of grocery, beverage, and household goods with a process that provides everyone involved with the best possible outcome.

Food Liquidators Sacramento, CALewisco Holdings has a reputation for outstanding performance in the liquidation world. We buy products outright from first-lines of distribution and conceal them deeply within alternative customer channels. No matter the volume, category, condition, or location, reach out for a custom liquidation solution.

Over its many years of operations, Lewisco Holdings has developed the ideal liquidation process. We welcome a broad range of problematic conditions into our ranks including overstocks, closeouts and markdowns, almost or past expiration items, outdated versions with updated lines, shelf-pulls and returns, and pretty much any other condition that might make products sell more slowly than they should.

If an item doesn’t move the way that primary marketers expected, we can buy it in order for them to regain some of the investment. The process also helps the buyers who are able to get quality goods for much less than wholesale.

The fair, considerate customer service provided by Lewisco Holdings has allowed us to create durable, lasting relationships with our clients and our customers. Time is of the essence when it comes to liquidation, so we use a dedicated carrier network and have several warehouses for distribution throughout the country. If you’re in need of liquidation services or would like to purchase liquidation inventory, Lewisco Holdings is, by far, the best option.

Important Information for Our Buyers and Sellers

Sellers can rest assured that:

  • Confidential liquidation depends on targeted, screened buyers and adherence to manufacturer restrictions, both of which we provide.
  • Our buyers do not sell outside of geographic limitations, display, or advertise.
  • We provide repackaging under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms for difficult to conceal branding.
  • We make all pick up and delivery arrangements and handle the redistribution process completely.
  • Once we buy goods, our clients are free of all the burden of ownership.

Buyers can also be sure of:

  • A clear and accurate product description
  • Lowest possible prices
  • Fast sales and delivery
  • Targeted search for products upon request
  • Legit and certified providers

Types of Goods Liquidated through Lewisco Holdings

When companies hold onto inventory longer than they should, they can do real damage. Limited display space, less ability to purchase new merchandise, and even a taint that projects onto nearby items, older goods and an incomplete inventory has a negative impact. Choose to call Lewisco Holdings to deal with this older merchandise.

Buying and burying a wide range of grocery, beverage, pet, and household goods are the two primary tasks of Lewisco Holdings.

The products that we bring into our inventory may be overstocked, closeout, discontinued, short-coded, almost or past expiration, overrun, slow-selling, outdated versions on updated products, seasonal, promotional, holiday, private label, etc.

Let’s be clear. Lewisco Holdings is not a broker or trader. We purchase goods outright, understanding that we’re responsible for the confidential re-sale of said products.

Lewisco Holdings provides incredibly efficient and fair service as food liquidators for the retailers, manufacturers, and distributors of Sacramento, CA. If you need to sell excess goods or would like to become an opportunity liquidation buyer, get in touch with us by calling (917) 651-0101.