Food Liquidators Phoenix, AZ

The number of families in America facing food insecurity is startling. With the abundance of available food, this fact is also quite terrible. Food liquidators in Phoenix, AZ, like Lewisco Holdings, buy the goods that would otherwise go to waste and redistribute them into alternative markets where they can benefit those facing food insecurity and other challenges.

Food Liquidators Phoenix, AZDisposal of surplus food inventory is a necessary part of business in the grocery industry. Lewisco Holdings buys and liquidates this type of product by transferring it discreetly into non-traditional channels. Our history is extensive, as is our network of buyers and sellers. We have the network, available cash, and logistical network to handle any quantity of goods quickly, fairly, and confidentially.

The Significance of Food Insecurity

Food insecurity was a substantial problem before the Covid pandemic, but in the shortages and chaos that have occurred since it began, estimates have grown significantly. Feeding America projects that 42 million Americans will face food insecurity during 2021.

One step that can help minimize this problem is to limit the waste in the food industry, and that’s where we at Lewisco Holdings come into the picture.

Economic challenges are usually the cause of food insecurity, but the problem can face families of many socio-economic groups including the poor as well as the middle class. As mid-level earners have to do more with less, the squeeze gets tighter and tighter; unfortunately, nutrition is often one of the first budget areas to suffer.

When a family faces hunger, the results are devastating. As children can struggle in schools and experience developmental delays, the adults in the family often avoid costs they consider optional like healthcare, insurance coverage, and other things most of us consider essential.

The Solutions to Food Insecurity

From charities to governmental departments, many organizations exist to help the hungry. Lewisco Holdings, and our buyers, often contribute to lessening the problem as well.

Lewisco Holdings regularly directs our inventory to food banks, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, mom-and-pop stores, and deep-discount salvage grocers. Families facing hunger regularly find affordable and nutritious food at these locations. We also sell to schools, prisons, and other organizations where budgets can get tight when economic conditions fail.

If you happen to be such a retailer, charity, or other non-traditional outlet and agree to a high degree of discretion when using our goods, call us to become a buyer. You can expect to find products that are closeouts, discontinued, overstocked, close-dated, leftovers following packaging or recipe updates, cancelled, turned down, seasonal, or otherwise slow-moving.

Lewisco Holdings deals in cold packaged food as well as shelf-stable canned and dry goods. Additional products within our inventory include non-alcoholic beverages, pet items, and general merchandise. Dates rarely indicate actual product viability, and our buyers and their customers/recipients benefit.

Our buyers, no matter their status or purpose, must agree to specific terms of discretion. These restrictions include no advertising, no display, no wholesaling, no sales outside of geographic bounds, and no cross-customer pursuits.

In addition to helping the hungry eat, you should choose Lewisco Holdings for sound business reasons. Liquidate your disappointing products and free up cash and shelving space to buy products that will bring in profits.

Lewisco Holdings is one of the best food liquidators in Phoenix, AZ and elsewhere in the nation. Discover more about our process by calling (917) 210 9395 or reaching out online.