Food Liquidators Philadelphia

Survival in the food industry of Philadelphia requires the service of liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. We help manufacturers, distributors, and retailers squeeze every drop of profit out of surplus inventory.

Food Liquidators PhiladelphiaLewisco Holdings leads the liquidation industry, helping transform stalled merchandise into quick cash and clear shelves, allowing businesses to start fresh with more profitable purchasing.

How Liquidation Proceeds

Liquidation has been a necessary element of business for a significant period of time. It’s actually a daily task and something that shouldn’t come as worrisome or unexpected. Lewisco Holdings’ mission is to help buyers and sellers mitigate losses, cut down on overhead, and transfer goods into places where they can be used.

As grocery prices rise, the habits of shoppers change. Considering the situation around the globe, dried beans, frozen foods, and other items that handle long term storage are becoming more popular while fewer customers indulge in luxuries. These changes mean significant opportunities for liquidation buyers.

Lewisco Holdings buys liquidated goods. We do not broker or trade. We buy overstocked, expired, mis-cut, and other slow-moving merchandise and then discreetly transfer these products into new buyer channels. We have decades of experience and numerous long standing relationships to match the product to the targeted buyers quickly and confidentially.

Partnering with a liquidation expert is always a smart business move, but it makes even more sense when the market is in a stress position like now. Cutting losses early and injecting increased cash can help ride out the challenge successfully.

If you’re planning to liquidate, call Lewisco Holdings. We will help you offload merchandise that is not selling as well as required. Our company will buy your goods and confidentially handle the redistribution process with no muss or fuss on your behalf.

The buyer group we target sales to resurrects dead inventory. Regardless of the volume, location, or season, Lewisco Holdings has the logistical capacity to buy and move the goods.

Our inventory includes more than groceries. We also purchase alcohol-free beverages, pet items, and general merchandise like HBA items, cleaning tools/chemicals, and paper products. As a potential seller or buyer of specific items, call us to find out whether we deal in the category of goods in question.

Lewisco Holdings discreetly sells to more than 400 separate entities in the US. Whether you buy for the local prison, school, salvage grocery, flea market, farmers’ market, or other non-traditional outlet, we provide an easy way to access quality name brand goods at rock bottom prices.

As a responsibility of a buyer of salvage goods, you will have to commit to brand protection. We require our buyers to refrain from display, advertising, penetrating the prescribed geographic boundaries, wholesaling, or otherwise endangering the reputation of the brand.

To sell slow-moving products to Lewisco Holdings, call us. We will assist you with recouping as much of your investment as possible, as we do for over 3,000 first-line market members. When inventory nears or passes expiration or best by dates, becomes marked as closeout or discontinued, is overstocked, disappoints in terms of sales, or is otherwise out of prime condition, we can purchase and redistribute the goods.

In searching for solutions for excess food inventory in Philadelphia, call on liquidators like Lewisco Holdings to resolve the situation. We have a nationwide footprint, a proven process of discretion, speed, and fairness, and a friendly customer service team. To speak with them, reach out online or call (917) 210 9395.