Food Liquidators Orlando, FL

Food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings can rescue Orlando, FL, businesses from drowning in overrun merchandise. Grab the lifeline today by calling us to begin the process of fast and confidential liquidation.

Food Liquidators Orlando, FLOver the years, Lewisco Holdings has worked our way to the forefront of the liquidation market. Our network of clients and customers is large, vetted, and long-standing. Our purchase power and logistical capacity make it possible to overcome liquidation challenges related to quantity, location, and season.

Upon purchase of goods, we immediately target them for liquidation to limit waste and maximize usefulness.

Give us a call when you’d like to avoid throwing away products that just won’t sell. Our specialists in liquidation make short work of moving overstocks, closeouts, discontinued products, close-dated products, turned down loads, holiday and promotional merch, and so much more. If it’s collecting dust, choose liquidation and refill those shelves with more profitable goods.

The inventory held by Lewisco Holdings is full of canned, dry, refrigerated, and frozen groceries; alcohol-free beverages; wet and dry cat and dog food/treats; bulk candy, spices, and staples; paper products; HBA merchandise; cleaning tools and chemicals; and so much more.

Our buying group is vetted and proven to be discreet and separate from the original customer market. We sell to more than 400 entities, far removed from first-line markets. Examples of our buyers include schools, jails, small private retailers, salvage grocery stores, farmers markets, food banks, flea market vendors, etc.

Motivation for Liquidation with Lewisco Holdings

  • Make room for display in retail and storage in warehouses
  • Lower operation costs and avoid loss
  • Boost purchase power for new merchandise
  • Protection from damage to the brand or the company’s reputation
  • Promise of discretion and follow-through with manufacturer restrictions designed to protect the brand
  • Redistribution will be deep within alternative markets and far from the originally intended customers
  • Fast evaluation, offers, payment, and pickup
  • Lewisco Holdings is not a broker or a trader.
  • warehouses/redistribution centers stand from one coast to the other
  • Dedicated carrier network hastens pickup and delivery
  • We provide same/next day pickup and immediate payment upon acceptance of an offer.

Become a Lewisco Holdings Buyer

Our large inventory enables us to satisfy the needs of many different buyers. We’re happy to provide discounted, quality products to buyers who want to do more with a limited budget, widen their customer base, or extend savings to customers.

Buyers of Lewisco Holdings can benefit from our network and contacts when they need specific products – even if we don’t have them in our inventory at the time.

Additional Services Beyond Liquidation

If you’d prefer to avoid liquidation but still require a solution for excess merchandise, consider allowing Lewisco Holdings to act as a proxy salesforce. We will find a buyer and arrange delivery while you retain possession and ownership of the goods.

Another alternative is to put you in touch with the auction market. We offer a turnkey service for this arena. Give our team a call to discuss the possibilities.

The best food liquidators operating in the Orlando, FL, area are, without a doubt, Lewisco Holdings. Our nationwide footprint allows us to provide fair and fast service to all of our clients. If you’d like to be free of the burden of slow-moving inventory, call us today at (917) 210-9395.