Food Liquidators Oklahoma City, OK

Lewisco Holdings is proud to be the foremost among food liquidators in Oklahoma City, OK. In a world of waste, we help minimize it. Call us to recoup your investment as a seller of liquidation goods or to take advantage of deep discounts as an opportunity buyer from among our inventory.

Food Liquidators Oklahoma City, OKWe are a privately owned liquidation company with a history of customer satisfaction and a large network of both buyers and sellers. Lewisco Holdings is the liquidator to call whether you have a single pallet or several truck loads of merchandise to liquidate into secondary market channels.

Efficient liquidation options for all types of slow-moving inventory are available here at Lewisco Holdings. We regularly handle all types of situations including the following:

  • short-coded/close-dated goods
  • overstocks/overruns
  • Slow-moving inventory
  • Closeout and marked down merchandise
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Older versions of products with packaging or formula updates
  • Seasonal, holiday, or promotional goods

Our inventory is full of canned, frozen, refrigerated, and shelf-stable dry foods; alcohol-free beverages; wet and dry pet food and treats; and a variety of household closeout goods.

We’re happy to purchase your goods outright. Lewisco Holdings operates quickly. You provide us with the needed information, and we will follow up with an offer, often the same day. Once we have an agreement, we will pay immediately and arrange for pick up of the goods that day or the next. The entire process will proceed with absolute discretion.

What Will We Need to Know?

  • Photos of the products
  • label/brand
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutrition facts
  • All dates from the interior and exterior of the package
  • Package size
  • Number of units per case
  • Number of cases per pallet
  • Number of pallets per load
  • Location
  • Preferred price

Liquidation Customer Channels

Lewisco Holdings has a close relationship with hundreds of separate buyers distributed throughout the nation. We handle the transport and delivery through our dedicated carrier fleet, burying lots of name brand merchandise within secondary customer channels.

The buyers we sell to are part of the secondary market. Examples of our buyers consist of privately owned small dollar stores, jails and prisons, schools, salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, and other alternative customer channels.

We don’t sell to supermarkets, first-line distributors, convenience stores, or restaurants; we are not brokers or traders.

Our clients rely on us to protect their customers and their brand. We do so by adhering to all manufacturer restrictions and requiring our buyers to do the same. Our measures control how products proceed through the market, so the merchandise is never seen in conditions that would make the client unhappy.

To become a buyer of Lewisco Holdings, you will need to be screened and demonstrate dedication to discretion. Our buyers can’t advertise, display, wholesale, or sell outside of geographic boundaries. When this confidentiality is difficult, we provide repackaging services under the private label of our own, Mabel’s Farms.

Alternative services that we offer include putting clients in touch with a turnkey auction service or acting as a proxy sales team to find a buyer from among our contacts and arrange for delivery.

Are you in Oklahoma City, OK and in need of professional food liquidators? Look no further than Lewisco Holdings. Explore how we can be of service by calling (917) 210-9395 or reaching out online.