Food Liquidators Milwaukee, WI

Excess food inventory doesn’t have to be wasted; reach out to Lewisco Holdings, expert liquidators who serve Milwaukee, WI, and beyond. Product changes, discontinued product lines, and purchasing problems can lead to inventory issues that are easily and quickly resolved through our service.

Food Liquidators Milwaukee, WIFor many years, Lewisco Holdings has led the liquidation arena. We have a strong collection of sources within the primary lines of distribution and buyers within alternative customer channels.

Our inventory is usually available at rock bottom prices. We buy these products at a fair price, allowing wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers to retain as much of their investment as possible, and buyers of our inventory are able to access quality, usable goods at often lower than wholesale costs. Our buyers can then build a loyal customer base and extend their profit margin or do more good with a small budget.

Our service is known to be fast and fair. We help businesses get rid of goods quickly, emptying storage and display space and returning purchase power to reinvest into better selling goods.

Lewisco Holdings liquidates a host of goods including all sorts of food goods, alcohol-free beverages, pet items like food and treats, specialty items, and a wide range of categories of general merchandise.

The liquidation process needs to be secure and confidential. Without discretion, primary brands risk too much. We protect the brand identity and reputation at all costs. Buyers have to be screened, and they must follow all manufacturer restrictions – no display, no advertising, no wholesaling, and no selling outside of geographic boundaries. We also provide our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, for repackaging and concealment of the original brand.

Our customers never overlap with the first lines of customers either. We do not sell to convenience stores, big label supermarkets, restaurants, or primary distributors. Our buyers include alternative customers including the following:

  • Deep-discount salvage grocers
  • Small, independently owned dollar or grocery stores
  • Correctional facilities
  • Schools
  • Community food pantries
  • Flea market vendors
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Other secondary market members

The speed we offer to both our buyers and sellers is due to our process and logistic system. We have warehouses spread throughout the continental United States, and we have a dedicated carrier network to facilitate same- and next-day pick ups.

When companies find themselves with discontinued products, overstocked inventory, short-coded and close-dated merchandise, outdated versions of updated products or packaging, closeouts/markdowns, turned down loads, out of season, promotional, holiday, or other slow-moving merchandise, we at Lewisco Holdings provide the best solution. Our solution comes with quick, fair payment, fast pickup, and confidential concealment during liquidation sales.

We generally purchase goods outright for re-sale. Lewisco Holdings is not a broker or trader. We do offer alternative avenues to deal with your merchandise, however. We will act as a proxy sales team on your behalf, and we’ll provide turnkey access to the auction market.

The best food liquidators serving Milwaukee, WI, include Lewisco Holdings. We will clear display and storage spaces and get funds moving again. Reach out to the crew at Lewisco to discuss a custom solution to your inventory problems, whether you need a standing service or a one-time sale. You can also become one of our buyers. Just reach out by calling (917) 651-0101 to initiate liquidation sales or purchase today.