Food Liquidators Louisville, KY

Food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings offer a way for distributors and retailers in Louisville, KY to mitigate losses when groceries fail to move as well as was projected. As the expiration and best by dates near, act while the opportunity allows and liquidate those goods into more appropriate avenues.

Food Liquidators Louisville, KYDetermining which items should be put up for liquidation starts with taking an inventory. How many goods in your inventory have been there for too long and number too many? Foods always require faster decisions than other types of merchandise simply because of their ability to go bad.

Stop Food Waste with Liquidation

The dates you find on food packaging are often misunderstood and lead to unnecessary food waste! In a world going hungry, that waste is a tragedy, and we at Lewisco Holdings strive to minimize waste and provide aged goods with a second life.

We act quickly, understanding that time is truly of the essence when dealing with liquidated food. We pick up the same day or the next and pay right away. The fair rates that we pay and the quick service let businesses find their way back to profitable merchandise.

Lewisco Holdings is not a small player in the liquidation world. We have a coast to coast footprint, a dedicated carrier network, plenty of purchase power, and warehouses spread throughout the nation. We have the experience, contacts, and logistics needed to quickly and confidentially conceal goods in alternative markets.

Goods we buy and liquidate include a wide range of categories including all types of foods, non-alcoholic beverages, pet items, and select general merchandise.

Our contact list consists of 400+ vetted buyers to whom we target sales and 3,000+ clients from whom we buy our inventory. When items come into our inventory, we immediately scour our buyer list for the most appropriate buyers and begin the selling process.

Within the Lewisco Holdings inventory, you’ll find products in a range of conditions because liquidation can be triggered by practically anything that inhibits sales. Conditions include cancellations, overstocks, short-coded, close-dated, updated formulations or packaging, closeouts, discontinuations, and out of season/holiday/promotional merchandise.

The unique status of our products can put the original brand in jeopardy if liquidation is handled without discretion. We require our buyers to respect manufacturer restrictions, and we sell to buyers far removed from the regular customer channels.

Our buyers and our clients’ buyers never overlap. We sell to the following types of institutions:

  • Community food pantries
  • jails/prisons
  • Schools
  • Salvage grocery stores
  • Mom-and-pop shops
  • Flea market vendors
  • Other alternative market opportunity buyers

When liquidation doesn’t appeal to you, consider some of our other services. We can act as a proxy sales force while you retain possession of the products. We’ll find the buyer and arrange for pickup and shipment. In addition, we can provide a turnkey auction service to help you deal with unwanted inventory.

Liquidation is a two-fold process. We buy goods, and then we resell them. We do not broker or trade.

Our service allows clients to discreetly get rid of problematic goods without taking a complete loss, and it allows buyers to maximize limited budgets and limited profit margins.

If your Louisville, KY business could benefit from liquidation of food goods, call the best liquidators in the business: Lewisco Holdings at (917) 651-0101.