Food Liquidators Los Angeles

In a world of wastefulness, food liquidators in Los Angeles like Lewisco Holdings promote feeding the hungry and limiting the disposal of edible food or other usable goods without tainting the reputation of major first market brands.

Food Liquidators Los AngelesThe process of food liquidation takes salvageable grocery and beverage products and moves them from primary retailers, warehouses, distributors, and manufacturers and sends them into secondary markets where the goods can be appropriately used. While it sounds simple, we offer speed, discretion, and fair pricing that other providers can’t provide.

Liquidation of this sort provides first-line marketers with relief from surplus goods that sell too slowly to justify allocating them display or storage space. By divesting of the overflow goods, companies return to purchase status, restocking the shelves with goods that will improve the profitability of the enterprise. Our service is the only way that these businesses have to recoup a portion of the money they’ve spent.

The liquidation market is led by Lewisco Holdings. We have the purchase power, in-place processes, and logistic capacity to move great and small volumes of inventory regardless of location. We’re ready to serve regardless of the season or distance.

The variety of food and grocery items in the Lewisco Holdings inventory is impressive and includes frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry food goods; non-alcoholic refreshments; pet food and treats; and general merchandise like HBA products, paper goods, and cleaning tools/chemicals. These items are often good for far longer than their sale is viable in original distribution channels.

Instead of rolling up the dumpster when the sales forecast fails to realize itself, choose liquidation. Keeping goods beyond prime condition is bad for business, but waste is bad for everyone.

Protect your brand with integrity by calling on Lewisco Holdings. We will make a fast offer and immediate payment to recover the cost of the investment to the extent possible.

The process of liquidation is swift and convenient. The staff here knows how to quickly estimate the price we can pay for your goods and send immediate payment if you agree to the offer.

Transport of liquidated goods will be equally fast. Our network of dedicated carriers and warehouses permit us to pick up and deliver goods the same day or the next.

The Lewisco Holdings Promise

Lewisco Holdings buys merchandise in any quantity – from a few pallets to multiple truckloads. We protect the brand’s reputation throughout the process and prevent the liquidated goods from re-entering original customer channels. Our purchase, payment, and pickup processes are simple and straightforward. Lewisco Holdings is a liquidation expert rather than a broker or trader.

Liquidation Buyers

Buyers of products from Lewisco Holdings are never primary marketers like supermarkets, distributors, convenience stores, or restaurants.

Our buyers are generally private retailers, mom and pop stores, community food pantries, farmers’ markets, correctional institutions, schools, institutions of higher learning, salvage grocers, exporters, flea market vendors, community organizations, and other such non-traditional outlets.

We sell to over 400 distinct buyers, so we’re able to sell as much inventory as we purchase. These buyers must comply with manufacturer restrictions on elements like advertising, display, wholesaling, and geographic limitations on sales.

Food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings help restaurants, grocery stores, and distributors in Los Angeles keep the flow of goods and cash moving. To learn more about the process, call (917) 210-9395.