Food Liquidators Jacksonville, FL

As grocery merchandise in Jacksonville, FL, evolves with upgrades to packaging and formulas, the older versions will be marked down, pulled from shelves, and ultimately purchased by food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings.

Offsetting Losses through Liquidation

Food Liquidators Jacksonville, FLLiquidators like Lewisco Holdings minimize the loss of profits and the needless disposal of property. One of the many situations we can help resolve is the loss of investment that occurs when products or packaging changes leave inventory outdated.

Keeping the image of a brand fresh requires updates to packaging on a regular basis. From holiday promotions to rebranding, packaging changes are common, and they make closeouts and liquidation equally common. While these products may be allowed to linger for a bit on shelves, if the product formulation changes, liquidation will usually be deemed urgent.

Product changes have enormous repercussions, affecting every single step of the distribution change, and Lewisco Holdings will be there to purchase the older version’s leftovers.

A plethora of companies find assistance with Lewisco Holdings including producers, distributors, and retailers, some of which are the largest brands in the US. We liquidate across the entire continental United States with a significant purchase power, nationally distributed warehouses, and a dedicated national carrier network.

Our efforts focus on helping companies retain some revenue on problematic merchandise. In addition to product changes, we buy inventory that is near or at best by dates, overstocked, or otherwise slow to sell.

Changes to products, whether to packaging, product appearance or taste, or some other adjustment are always meant to positively affect sales. Companies will always factor the logistic costs as they make these changes, minimizing losses and maximizing profits. Lewisco Holdings’ reputation for fairness appeals to this decision.

Lewisco Holdings has relationships with hundreds of buyers who will happily snatch up the opportunity to purchase these goods at a discounted price. By liquidating the leftover versions of the product, you’ll protect the brand identity and highlight the newness of the upgrade.

The Right Product for the Right Buyer

Lewisco Holdings will have no difficulty matching the buyer to the product. Each of the buyers we service complies with manufacturer restrictions regarding advertising, display, geography, and wholesaling. We even provide repackaging services under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

Known to be a premiere liquidator from one coast to the other, Lewisco Holdings has the experience and best practices required to perform, surpassing the expectations of all those involved in the liquidation process.

If you’re interested in liquidation through Lewisco Holdings, we can likely accommodate your needs. Grocery items including frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry goods; alcohol-free items like bottled water, ready-to-drink teas, and sports drinks; and general merchandise including HBA products, paper goods, and cleaning tools and implements all fall within the parameters of our inventory.

To trigger liquidation, provide the team here at Lewisco Holdings with the following product details: photos, all dates (interior and exterior of packaging), quantities of products, location, ingredients, nutrition info, and preferred price. We’ll use this info to estimate an offer; should you accept, we pay immediately and pick up the products that day or the next.

When products have a makeover, Lewisco Holdings and other food liquidators in Jacksonville, FL, are able to step in and transfer the older version into more appropriate markets, limiting waste and easing the transition. To explore how we can help those interested in liquidation on the buying or selling end should call us at (917) 651-0101.