Food Liquidators Denver, CO

Lewisco Holdings serves as premier food liquidators for Denver, CO producers, distributors, and retailers who have unwanted inventory and need to avoid taking a complete loss on the goods.

Food Liquidators Denver, COAs a buyer and redistributor of surplus goods that serves the entire continental United States, Lewisco Holdings leads the liquidation industry. We’re experienced and armed with the purchase power and logistics capacity to deal fairly and quickly with our clients for satisfying outcomes. Our reputation speaks to our dedication to speed, fair dealing, and discretion.

Solutions for Surplus Inventory

Slow-selling products are an inevitable part of sales. Unfortunately, they can become significantly problematic when they tie up sales channels, take up room on display and storage shelves, and begin to negatively affect the surrounding products.

To prevent these negative effects, choose liquidation. Our process will allow you to recoup at least a portion of your investment, reduce the costs of overhead, and provide space and cash for reinvestment in products that will move faster and bring in more profit.

When we buy goods, we’re able to quickly target them into our buying network. We sell to over 400 distinct entities throughout the US including independently-owned dollar stores, salvage grocery stores, food pantries, jails/prisons, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other secondary market members.

We use a closely restricted process of sales to protect our clients’ customer channels, brand identity, and company reputation. Secondary market members make good use of quality, name brand goods at low, low prices, and first-line members regain space and cash without worries about the goods being seen in a condition that could cause negative effects for the brand.

The manufacturer restrictions that govern sales will follow throughout liquidation. Lewisco Holdings’ buyers cannot advertise, display the brand, wholesale, or sell outside of prescribed geographic bounds. We will supply private-label repackaging with our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, to aid in concealment of the brand.

Goods We Buy

Lewisco Holdings purchases a wide range of goods. We specialize in buying refrigerated, canned, frozen, and dry foods; alcohol-free beverages; all manner of dog and cat food/treats; and general merchandise in the HBA line, paper products, and cleaning merchandise. If you have a question about whether we will buy or re-sell a category of goods, reach out and ask! The answer is likely yes.

The clients that we serve number in the thousands, some of which are the foremost brands in the world. We rescue tons of products from potential trash including items that are:

  • overstocked/overrun
  • short-coded/close-dated
  • Older versions of packages with updated packaging or formulas
  • Closeout/marked down
  • Discontinued
  • Cancelled orders/turndown loads
  • seasonal/promotional/holiday goods

We work quickly to purchase and redistribute goods without waste. In fact, we generally make an offer the same day, pay immediately, and arrange to pick up the goods on the same or the next day. We have warehouses spread throughout the continental United States and a dedicated carrier network for fast transport.

Alternative services that we offer to clients include acting as a proxy sales force while they retain possession of the products and providing a turnkey auction service for maximum recoupment.

Professional and experienced food liquidators, Lewisco Holdings awaits the opportunity to help the businesses in Denver, CO deal with problematic goods. Reach out to us by calling (917) 210-9395 or reaching out online to arrange for a full solution, either once or on a recurring basis.