Food Liquidators Columbus, OH

Food liquidators in Columbus, OH, like Lewisco Holdings, address the needs of those who have goods that need to be liquidated as well as those interested in buying them. Companies offload inventory to us, and we redistribute the merchandise into channels where it can still be used.

Food Liquidators Columbus, OHAs salvage grocery liquidators, Lewisco Holdings sees all sorts of grocery conditions. From damage due to acts of God like storms or fires to highway accidents or simply poor purchase decisions, the reasons businesses lose inventory are plentiful. When merchandise becomes inappropriate for original customer channels, Lewisco Holdings steps in to buy it. Once within our inventory, we will target the inventory to our screened 400 strong buying group.

This process is surprisingly simple because of our network of contacts, efficient transportation network, and ready purchase ability. Once a deal is made, we’ll pick up that day or the next, and we’ll send payment immediately.

The ultimate purpose of liquidation is to mitigate property loss. Lewisco Holdings is known for our fair pricing and fast payment. If you have grocery, beverage, or general merchandise that you need to offload, provide us with photos, the brand, ingredient list, nutrition facts, package size, quantity of goods, all dates, location, and preferred price. We will usually return with an offer the same day.

The link between stores, warehouses, and distributors that need liquidation and those small retailers and organizations that could use discounted quality goods is Lewisco Holdings. We provide liquidation services in an effort to please all parties, and we work with discretion and speed to do so.

The large network of buyers we serve offers special discounts that can’t be met by first line distributors, and the group of primary market members we provide liquidation to can expect service regardless of the reasons the goods have become available.

Lewisco Holdings sells to entities far removed from traditional customer circles. Small independent dollar and grocery stores, schools, jails/prisons, salvage grocers, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, community food pantries, and other secondary marketers make up our customer base. We screen these buyers and require them to follow all manufacturer restrictions.

Buy from Lewisco Holdings

  • Special opportunity to buy high-quality, name brand goods
  • Deeply discounted prices
  • Fast delivery
  • Do more with limited budgets
  • Extend profit margins
  • Pass on savings to customers
  • Build customer base
  • Limit waste
  • Search for special items upon request

Sell to Lewisco Holdings

  • Regain initial investment and purchase power
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Make room on shelves and in storage areas
  • Protect your brand identity and reputation
  • Brand protection through Mabel’s Farms, our own private label
  • Confidential liquidation deep within alternative markets
  • Immediate payment
  • Fair recoupment
  • Fast pickup, the same or the next day

Lewisco Holdings is neither a broker nor a trader.

Those with unwanted goods who want to maximize the return they receive might consider using our service as a proxy salesforce. You will retail your merchandise while we search our contacts for a buyer and arrange shipment when we do, or you can avail yourself of our turnkey auction service for your property.

Prioritize profitability with the help of food liquidators in Columbus, OH. Lewisco Holdings is the best in the industry and available for same-day service by calling (917) 651-0101. Our team will be happy to do whatever possible to make liquidation beneficial to your organization.