Food Liquidators Charlotte, NC

When a distributor, producer, or retailer of food merchandise requires the service of liquidators in Charlotte, NC, the company should call Lewisco Holdings. We’re a well-established, trustworthy leader in the liquidation industry, and our service doesn’t depend on volume, location, or condition/type of product.

Food Liquidators Charlotte, NCLewisco Holdings buys goods outright and buries them within secondary markets. We welcome you to call if you’re interested in either liquidating goods or buying from our inventory.

Food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings mitigate profit loss from errors in production, packaging, or purchase decisions. Much of our liquidation process relies on the size and diversity of our buyer group.

Producing food isn’t immune to mistakes. From portions to packaging and formulation mistakes, these mistakes have significant consequences for branded and labeled goods. From allergic reactions to early spoilage and inaccurate nutrition facts, inaccurate packaging is a serious situation that requires liquidation. The goods can’t be sold to the original customers.

Breaking down the various production errors that might affect inventory can help prevent those errors and deal with them when they occur. The most common errors during production include mislabeled ingredient lists, inaccurate portion sizes, mistaken product ID, and a label that doesn’t match the contents.

Lewisco Holdings has no problem liquidating goods with these problems. Liquidation allows companies to make a profit from merchandise that would otherwise be a complete loss. Most importantly, in a world full of hunger, liquidation prevents food waste.

Lewisco Holdings operates from coast to coast, targeting liquidated goods to the most appropriate buyer within our vetted, trusted buyer group. Our service will prevent accidents from becoming losses.

The Liquidation Methods Used by Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings purchases goods that distributors, wholesalers, and retailers find to be excess or otherwise undesirable. We then resell these goods to players in the secondary market.

The types of goods we liquidate include frozen, refrigerated, dry, and canned groceries; alcohol-free beverages like bottled water, kids’ drinks, juices, and sports drinks; pet items like wet and dry food and treats; and general merchandise like paper goods, HBA items, and cleaning tools/products.

Lewisco Holdings Is the Obvious Choice

Liquidation efforts for the best possible return should look toward Lewisco Holdings. The clients we buy from will get more of their investment returned, and those who buy from our inventory will appreciate the bottom-dollar rates and high-quality goods.

Our buyer group is over 400 strong. We sell to discreet secondary lines of distribution like salvage grocery stores, prisons/jails, schools, food banks, mom-and-pop stores, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, and other alternative buyers. The products within our inventory will not go back into first lines of distribution under any circumstance.

When we perform liquidation, we do so with great discretion. As we transfer goods out of first lines of distribution into second lines of distribution, we’re very careful to make sure that inventory is never seen in inappropriate conditions. We also prohibit display, advertising, wholesaling, or violating geographic boundaries.

While plenty of food liquidators might be available to you in Charlotte, NC, Lewisco Holdings has the best practices and team in place needed to perform well. Our dedication to confidentiality includes our own private label for repackaging purposes. Discover how liquidation will be the perfect solution to your inventory problems by calling (917) 651-0101.