Food Liquidators Boston, MA

Food producers, retailers, and distributors in Boston, MA, require the services of liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. We’ll buy and redistribute any items within your inventory that are no longer a good fit for first-line distribution channels.

Introduction to Lewisco Holdings

Food Liquidators Boston, MAAs a leader in the liquidation sector, Lewisco Holdings has a wide footprint with many buyers and sellers with whom we work. We’re able to provide liquidation for volumes of goods both large and small without regard to the time of year or location.

Choose Us for Liquidation

The product categories that we liquidate are numerous. From dry goods to canned, frozen, and refrigerated foods, we deal in all types of groceries. Additional categories include alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, bulk candy and spices, HBA merchandise, paper products, cleaning goods, and other household items.

When products within your inventory near the following situations, it may be time to trigger liquidation:

  • close-dated/short-coded
  • Near best by or expiration dates
  • Overstocked or overrun products
  • Closeout and marked down merchandise
  • Cancelled orders, returns, and turned down loads
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Older versions of products with updated packaging or recipes
  • Otherwise slow-moving inventory

The Lewisco Holdings Liquidation Process

Liquidation through Lewisco Holdings is simple. We will need you to provide a few pieces of information in order to estimate the value and send an offer. That information includes:

  • Photographs
  • The label/brand
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutrition facts
  • Dates from the interior and exterior of the package
  • Package size
  • Number of units per case
  • Number of cases per pallet
  • Number of pallets per load
  • Location
  • Preferred price

With this information, we’re able to deliver an offer. If you accept, payment will be right away followed by same- or next-day pick up.

Don’t delay liquidation. Every day that you postpone the inevitable is another day that you’re not removing the tainted merchandise and reinvesting in your inventory.

The Buyer Group

Lewisco Holdings sells to a group of buyers that numbers over 400 separate entities. We screen all of our buyers for the protection of our clients, and we never sell to the originally intended customers. Our buyer group typically includes mom-and-pop shops, salvage grocery stores, schools, prisons/jails, farmers markets, flea market vendors, community food pantries, and other secondary market members.

Because we sell to such a large buyer group, we’re able to buy and move all amounts of inventory at any time of the year and from any location. Manufacturer restrictions continue to govern products once they’re within the Lewisco Holdings inventory to protect the brand. Our buyers will not advertise, display, go beyond geographic boundaries, or wholesale products. To make brand protection even more assured, we’ll provide repackaging under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

Practical Elements

Lewisco Holdings has the capacity to buy slow-moving inventory outright and then conceal those goods deeply within secondary market channels. We have the purchasing power, dedicated carrier network, nationally distributed warehouse, and professional staff to do the job quickly, fairly, and appropriately.

Additional services we offer include serving as a proxy sales team on your behalf or providing a turnkey auction service.

Lewisco Holdings provides the services of professional food liquidators for the distributors, retailers, and producers of grocery and beverage items in Boston, MA. Reach out today by calling (917) 210-9395 to learn more about our processes and services.