Food Liquidators Aurora, CO

Before you lose all of your investment in product and overhead costs for your business in Aurora, CO, food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings assist you in recouping some of those expenses and protecting the traditional customer channels on which you rely.

FYI Regarding Lewisco Holdings

Food Liquidators Aurora, COLewisco Holdings leads the liquidation market as a privately-owned grocery, beverage, and general merchandise liquidator. Our process makes the most of the supply chain for many of the most significant brands in the country including manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. We have many years of experience and a strong Rolodex of buyers and sellers throughout the continental United States.

Our specialties include frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry goods; wet and dry pet food and treats; bulk candies, spices, and staples; and closeout HBA goods, cleaning products, and paper merchandise.

This inventory comes from thousands of buyers from whom we buy goods in conditions outside of typical primary market settings. These goods may be short-coded/close-dated; near or past best-by or expiration dates; closeout or marked down products; discontinued product lines; overstocked, underperforming, or overrun inventory; older versions of products with newer packaging or recipes; slightly damaged, mislabeled, or off-label products; canceled or turned down orders; seasonal, promotional, or holiday goods, or goods that sell slowly for any other reason.

Lewisco Holdings respects that manufacturer restrictions must govern the use of products in liquidation. We fully control the process, vetting buyers to ensure they are trustworthy and committed to avoiding display, wholesaling, advertising, and going beyond geographic boundaries. We’ll even provide Mabel’s Farms, our repackaging private label, to conceal the brand fully.

The buyers we trust number over 400 and exist throughout the continental US. They do not include convenience stores, restaurants, or supermarkets. Instead, we bury products with schools, correctional institutions, exporters, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, food banks, deep discount salvage grocery stores, and other players in alternative markets.

If you’re ready to entrust Lewisco Holdings with your liquidation needs, the process is straightforward.

Step 1: Call or reach out to Lewisco Holdings online.

Step 2: Send us photos, brand info, ingredient list, nutrition facts, dates on packaging, package size, the number of goods, location, and preferred price.

Step 3: Consider our offer. (We’ll usually send it the same day.)

Step 4: Receive immediate payment and same or next day collection of purchases.

This process requires little work on your part and allows for some recoupment. Imagine a more profitable solution that will not require workers to dispose of the goods.

Liquidation allows companies to operate more sustainably, contributing less waste to landfills, and the process helps mitigate the dichotomy of food waste in a world of hunger. Maximizing the life of food makes sense, especially as inflation and food deserts worsen.

Lewisco Holdings Key Points:

  • We buy and redistribute liquidation goods; we do not broker or trade.
  • We liquidate a wide range of goods, regardless of volume, all over the US.
  • We remove and guard products from exposure to original sales channels.
  • We pay right away and provide fast offers, pickup, and delivery.

Lewisco Holdings provides experienced and professional food liquidators to sellers and opportunity buyers in Aurora, CO, and beyond. Allow us to help your company bounce back from poor purchase decisions or your organization stretch a small budget or profit margin. Discover more about liquidation or arrange for a service or purchase today by following this link or calling (917) 210-9395.