Food Liquidators Atlanta, GA

Among the food liquidators in Atlanta, GA, Lewisco Holdings is foremost. We provide an effortless answer to slow-moving merchandise that’s tying up space and cash. We use a buying group of highly restrictive sales to conceal all goods within alternative sales channels.

Intro to Lewisco Holdings’ Liquidation Measures

Food Liquidators Atlanta, GALewisco Holdings is a premiere liquidator in the grocery arena. We’ve developed long lasting relationships with both sellers and buyers of excess merchandise. Our capacity to move goods allows us to work with large and small amounts of goods. Throughout the year, regardless of location, Lewisco Holdings is able to provide liquidation solutions.

Lewisco Holdings is able to focus on refrigerated, frozen, canned, and dry goods; alcohol-free beverages; pet food and treats of all types; and a range of non-food closeouts. From bulk loads to individual items, our buyers benefit from all sorts of name brand, quality goods at very low prices.

Our relationships with thousands of first-line marketers and hundreds of second-line marketers allow us to move products in various conditions including the following:

  • Items near expiration or best by dates
  • Short-coded or close-dated goods
  • Product overruns or overstocks
  • Closeout or marked down merchandise
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Older versions of products with updated packaging or recipes
  • Private or store labels
  • Cancelled orders or turned down loads
  • All other products that fail to sell

Lewisco Holdings operates with hundreds of targeted buyers including small private retailers, independent dollar stores, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, schools, community food pantries, jails/prisons, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, and other opportunity buyers. These entities benefit from the rock bottom prices on name brand goods that make it possible to maximize profits, do more with limited budgets, and establish new customer bases.

Because the size of our buyer group is large, we’re able to purchase and redistribute a large inventory of goods no matter the time of year, quantity of goods, or type of product. All manufacturer restrictions control how we liquidate goods, so those from whom we buy can trust that their brand will not be advertised, displayed, or otherwise tainted.

When sellers call us for liquidation, they can trust the transaction to occur easily and quickly. If you find our offer favorable, we will wire payment immediately, usually the same day, and we provide same day or next day pick up.

If you’d like to retain possession of the goods while we act on your behalf as a sales force, we can do that. We’ll scour our resources for the perfect buyer and arrange for pick up once the goods are sold. We can also put you in touch directly with the auction arena to further maximize your recoupment if you’re willing to invest the time.

When first and second line food marketers need liquidators in Atlanta, GA, they call Lewisco Holdings. Discover how we can be of assistance to you by reaching out online or calling (917) 210-9395. Our professional team is able to deal with buying and redistributing goods with discretion, fairness, and speed. Holding on to goods for longer than is appropriate can be detrimental to profitability, but disposal doesn’t have to be a total loss. Companies can rely on us to perform liquidation in a manner that protects the brand and the customer channels of the primary market.