Food Liquidators Arlington, TX

Before you pull up the dumpsters and contribute to the problem of waste and take a total loss on your investment in Arlington, TX, choose the service of food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. The best practices we follow enable us to buy all shelf-stable food products that need to be conveyed into secondary markets.

Food Liquidators Arlington, TXA foremost privately-owned grocery and beverage liquidator, Lewisco Holdings serves the entire United States. Companies with problematic merchandise call on us to buy these goods and deal with them discreetly. Our long-term relationships and outstanding reputation speak to our success in these endeavors.

Lewisco Holdings focuses our liquidation processes on frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry goods; alcohol-free beverages; kibble, canned, jerky, biscuit, and other pet food and treats; and general merchandise like paper goods, cleaning products, HBA items, and other household closeout goods.

Why Choose Lewisco Holdings for Sales of Liquidation Products

  • Open up retail and warehouse spaces
  • Reduce overhead and operation costs
  • Increase purchasing power
  • Protect the company identity and brand reputation with guaranteed confidentiality
  • Follow all manufacturer guidelines
  • Bury merchandise deeply within alternative market channels and away from original customer channels
  • Fast valuation, offers, payment, pickup, and resale
  • No brokering or trading
  • Employ warehouses and redistribution centers spread from one coast to the other
  • Enjoy same-day and next-day collection of goods regardless of location
  • Service that surpasses expectations and confidentiality

The Buyers to Whom We Cater

The buyers we cater to number over 400 and are screened and targeted for sales. As we bring in inventory, we target goods to the most appropriate places among our secondary market members. Our typical buyer may be a small corner store or mom-and-pop retailer, privately owned dollar store, deep-discount salvage grocery store, school, prison or jail, food bank, farmers market, flea market vendor, or another alternative market participant.

We focus on food and grocery items, alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, and general closeout household goods.

The professional team here at Lewisco Holdings grasps the significance of brand reputation. We promise confidentiality and customer protection. To do so, we abide by all manufacturer guidelines that limit the geographic region of sales, displays, advertising, and wholesaling. Manufacturer restrictions must be maintained throughout the liquidation.

For liquidation to begin, we will need to know specifics regarding the products in question. We will need the label/brand, a list of the ingredients, nutrition facts, photos of the products, all dates on the inside and outside of the packaging, the package size, the number of goods, the desired price, and the location of pickup.

Using this information, we can estimate the value and send an offer, often that very same day. If you accept the offer, we will pay right away and pick up the products that day or the next. The next step will be to identify targeted buyers to offer them the opportunity to purchase.

As food liquidators with experience, commitment, and best practices, Lewisco Holdings is ready to serve those interested in selling or buying liquidation goods in Arlington, TX. Discover how liquidation can benefit your business or organization by clicking here or calling (917) 210-9395.