Food Liquidations

Lewisco Holdings’ liquidation measures offload food and beverage merchandise into more appropriate channels for use. We are an independent liquidator with a footprint that stretches across the country and the capacity to complete our work quickly and confidentially.

Food LiquidationsAre sluggish sales tying up your storage spaces and your cash reserves? These products are also probably costing overhead and stopping you from investing in other goods that would be more profitable. If you want to return to greater profitability, offload those slow sellers by selling them to Lewisco Holdings. We have the resources, logistics, and practices necessary to do so.

Worry-Free Liquidation Measures

Continued control of brand perception is important during liquidation. We understand that you need to protect the image of your brand, so we take great efforts to meet this need:

  1. We vet all buyers.
  2. We sell only to buyers who are completely removed from primary sales channels.
  3. We require all buyers to follow manufacturer restrictions (NO advertisement, NO display, NO wholesales, NO violations of geographic boundaries).
  4. We provide repackaging services under our own label, Mabel’s Farms.

Liquidation provides sellers with a return on the product cost in a way that doesn’t damage the brand. Our clients don’t reduce their price so much that it diminishes the brand, nor does the presence of these products taint the surrounding merchandise.

When we buy goods and redistribute them, we don’t just sell to any customer who wants a deal. We sell to off the beaten path customers who commit to discretion. Examples of our buyers include educational institutions, jails/prisons, salvage grocery stores, private dollar stores, exporters, farmers markets, flea market vendors, and other non-traditional entities.

We’re able to carefully liquidate a variety of product categories, including frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods; water, soda, and other alcohol-free beverages; dog and cat good and treats; bulk candy, staples, and spices; HBA, cleaning, and paper products, among other household closeouts.

The liquidation that we perform is both easy and fast. If you’d like to liquidate items that you’ve been holding on to, provide us with relevant product info and photographs. Our offer for the goods will often arrive the same day. Should you accept, we’ll wire payment right away and collect our purchase within two days.

We accomplish the pace and extent of our liquidation efforts due to our deep well of purchase power, a dedicated fleet of carriers, and thirteen nationally distributed carriers. We do all of the work so that our clients can concentrate on the day-to-day tasks and reinvest in more profitable merchandise.

Key Features of Lewisco Holdings Liquidation

  • Protection of brand identity and reputation
  • Capacity to liquidate without regard to quantity
  • Buyers and sellers, not brokers or traders
  • Nationwide footprint from coast to coast
  • Fast offers for outright purchase
  • Immediate payment via wire
  • Hands-free liquidation service

The buyers to whom we sell goods are well vetted and participants in markets far removed from the original customer channels. Whether you need to stretch a finite budget as far as possible or extend your small profit margin, we offer the opportunity to buy brand-name goods for rock bottom prices.

To become part of our buying group, reach out to us, submit to vetting, and let us know about the types of products that will catch your eye. We will approach you with targeted sales opportunities as soon as we purchase products that will meet your needs.

For successful food liquidations, click here or call (917) 651-0101 to speak to the team here at Lewisco Holdings.