Food Liquidation

Before filling a dumpster with pallets of unwanted food inventory, call Lewisco Holdings for liquidation. We provide a confidential solution that is fast and allows first-line marketers to receive as much recoupment as possible.

Food LiquidationThe distribution process that we follow operates in dual directions. The first step that we follow is to buy excess goods, send it to our warehouses, and then target sales to our buyers. We operate fast and provide a second life to merchandise that would otherwise be trash. Lewisco Holdings is the foremost liquidator in the arena without regard to quantity, location, or time of the year.

Lewisco Holdings’ inventory includes more than groceries and alcohol-free beverages. We buy pet food and treats, HBA items, and general merchandise as well. Reach out to the team to determine if your inventory qualifies if you’re not sure about the appropriateness of your goods.

Once products are in our inventory, we target sales to members of our buyer group. We sell to hundreds of vetted and trusted members of the secondary market. The goods that we sell at extremely low prices are important for those to whom we sell. The types of alternative buyers we sell to include prisons, schools, small retailers, salvage groceries, flea market vendors, food banks, and more.

Perhaps the most important part of liquidation is discretion. If a client can’t count on confidentiality and brand protection, liquidation is impossible. The brand’s reputation is too important. Lewisco Holdings is incredibly careful to make sure that products aren’t displayed in an environment that taints the brand as a whole.

What to Do When You Need Liquidation

Establish a recurring liquidation service or a one-time service with Lewisco Holdings when you need a trusted, fair, and fast solution to dead merchandise.

Purchase mistakes and disappointing sales are a hazard of doing business, and always will be. If storage and display spaces are clogged full of goods that won’t sell, profits will slow down with no new merchandise being purchased. Reach out to the Lewisco Holdings’ team to eliminate the dead goods and recoup as much as possible of the investment.

The thousands of producers, distributors, and retailers that we purchase from are primary members of first line markets. Lewisco Holdings transfers merchandise into the alternative market. When you have products that are near the best by date or the expiration date, marked down or closeout, discontinued, overstocked, outdated versions of products with newer versions, canceled orders, outdated promotional or holiday goods, or otherwise slow-selling, you should consider liquidation sooner rather than later. Don’t let surrounding goods be tainted.

When we buy goods, we make a commitment to manage liquidation in a way that ensures all manufacturer restrictions are followed. Our buyers are screened, and our sales are targeted. We sell goods completely separate from the originally intended customers, and no display or advertising is permitted.

If liquidation isn’t the best solution for your company, consider using Lewisco Holdings as a proxy sales force. You’ll keep the goods in terms of both ownership and possession while we find a likely buyer, arrange for sale, and set up shipping. Alternatively, we also supply a turnkey auction service for sending goods into other customer channels.

Food liquidation from Lewisco Holdings is a service that our clients and buyers can count on. We have a nationwide footprint, deep pockets, and transportation systems. Learn more by calling (917) 651-0101 or reaching out online.