Food Liquidation Services

Lewisco Holdings is a provider of food liquidation services throughout the continental United States. When manufacturers and distributors find themselves saddled with products they can’t move, we step in to help recoup as much of the investment as possible while quickly clearing their shelves for updated inventory.

Food Liquidation ServicesThe combination of the number of years we’ve been liquidating products along with the numerous satisfied customers within our network speaks to how well we do what we do. It doesn’t matter where your warehouse is or how many pallets or truckloads you need to move. We’ll take care of it with all speed and ease.

Lewisco Holdings works with many different types of products. We deal in all sorts of food products including frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry goods; non-alcoholic beverages; pet foods and treats of all sorts; and even general merchandise like health and beauty, paper, and cleaning products.

Our network includes over 3,000 sellers within the primary market from whom we purchase excess inventory and over 400 independent buyers who purchase these goods. Lewisco Holdings is neither a broker nor a trader. We distribute goods from the primary marketplace into the secondary marketplace.

Before disposing of products that you assume are unsaleable, consider using the services of Lewisco Holdings. The products might still be usable within the secondary market. We specialize in these product categories:

  • Overstocks
  • Outdated versions of products with newer packaging
  • Products with older formulations of recipes that have been updated
  • Products close to the “best by” date or expiration date
  • Closeouts
  • Off-season merchandise
  • Discontinued merchandise

Don’t hold onto merchandise too long. You risk losing your entire investment should the merchandise become entirely obsolete and unusable.

Lewisco Holdings purchases and pays quickly. We’ll take those goods off your hands with a seamless process. Contact us with the following information for a quick offer:

  1. Label and brand
  2. Ingredient list
  3. Nutritional breakdown
  4. Photographs
  5. All dates from the inside and outside of the packaging
  6. Package size
  7. How many cases on each pallet
  8. How many pallets per load
  9. Location
  • Preferred price

Once you supply this information, we’ll make you an offer. Should you accept that offer, we’ll then arrange for pickup of your merchandise that same day or the next. Our numerous warehouses across the states allow for quick distribution within the secondary market.

Distribution through Our Buying Channels

Lewisco Holdings is a liquidation service. You will not find full-line distributors, restaurants, convenience stores, or primary supermarkets in our buying group. Your reputation and customer base will be protected. Restrictions from the manufacturer, a commitment to not advertise your brand, and distance from the primary market are all pledges that we make with regard to our service.

The buyers we sell to include deep discount salvage stores, small independent grocers, community food pantries, prisons and jails, and schools. They, among other discreet organizations, form the secondary marketplace where your products need to go.

Food liquidation services from Lewisco Holdings will help you move those products that are clogging up your shelves. You can reach us at (917) 651-0101, and we’ll be happy to help you recoup as much as possible of your investment.