Food Liquidation Pallets

Food liquidation pallets are a powerful resource for secondary marketers searching for inventory. Lewisco Holdings purchases goods that don’t fit the parameters of first-line markets and redistributes them into a more suitable environment. Primary markets gain space, lower overhead, and operating capital, and secondary markets gain low-priced, high-quality inventory.

A private grocery and beverage liquidator, Lewisco Holdings provides experience and expertise. Reach out to us if you have any amount of goods to get rid of or if you’d like to make a purchase from our inventory.

A Glimpse into the Lewisco Holdings Inventory

Food Liquidation PalletsWithin the Lewisco Holdings inventory, you’ll find a range of product categories including the following:

  • Shelf-stable dry goods
  • Canned vegetables, fruits, and meats
  • Frozen entrees, appetizers, vegetables, fruits, and desserts
  • Refrigerated grocery items like dairy, lunchmeat, and other fresh ingredients
  • Bulk candy, spices, and staples
  • Food and treats of various kinds (biscuits, jerky, kibble, etc.) for pets
  • HBA merchandise like toiletries and cosmetics
  • Paper products including napkins, disposable utensils and plates, etc.

These items generally fall into a condition that makes them unsuitable for primary markets when they’re liquidated. They might be short-coded, near best by dates, past expiration dates, overstocked, slow-selling, closeout or marked down, discontinued, older varieties of packaging or formulations, canceled or turned down, off-season, or otherwise problematic.

Expired Is Not Inedible

Food waste in America is a real problem, but so is hunger. From misunderstanding expiration dates to companies throwing away food instead of liquidating or donating, far too much edible food is thrown away when it could still be used.

The food dating system in the US isn’t standardized or required for the most part. In fact, baby food is the only food that must be dated. Other products are marked according to the producers’ estimates, so the dates tend to be geared toward peak freshness rather than edibility.

The different dates actually mean very different things. The best if used by date demonstrates estimated peak freshness; the sell by date tells a store how long the company knows the product will be of good quality; the freeze by date tells buyers to freeze goods to maintain freshness irrespective of safety or purchase; and the use by date recommends to consumers when peak quality is likely to end. After these dates, foods are often still in good condition.

Using their senses, customers can tell whether food is off in appearance, texture, smell, or taste.

Choose Lewisco Holdings for Liquidation

Brand protection from Lewisco Holdings is a failsafe. We require our buyers to follow manufacturer restrictions, and those buyers must be part of the secondary marketplace.

We use our own label, Mabel’s Farms, to secure confidentiality when the brand is difficult to conceal.

Once we receive all of the information related to the products, we will provide a quick offer after evaluating the goods.

Lewisco Holdings’s process is simple, fair, and fast. We purchase goods; we do not broker or trade.

When we make a purchase we will pick up the same day or the next, and we pay immediately.

For expectation surpassing food liquidation, call Lewisco Holdings whether you have one or one hundred pallets of goods. Reach out to us by calling (917) 651-0101 or by contacting us online to buy or sell surplus goods. Our best practices prove useful for all parties involved.