Food Liquidation Closeouts

Lewisco Holdings provides liquidation of food closeouts, overstocks, and other slow-selling items. We have plenty of buyers interested in opportunities for savings and have the logistics required to pay a fair price and act quickly to free you from the burden of problematic merchandise.

Within the liquidation process, Lewisco Holdings has a two-fold function. We remove expired or disappointing items from first lines of distribution and send them into alternative channels. We strive to minimize food waste in a world of hunger, and we provide rescue for first-line marketers from the burden and expense of keeping these goods.

The quantity of goods, location of products, and time of the year don’t have to affect liquidation when you count on Lewisco Holdings to handle the process since we have a dedicated carrier network, twelve separate warehouses across the country, significant purchase power, and plenty of inventory sources and buyers.

Typical Food Liquidation Products

Lewisco Holdings deals in a number of product categories. In addition to frozen, refrigerated, dry, and canned foods, we buy and redistribute alcohol-free beverages, pet food items, cleaning tools and implements, HBA merchandise, and other household closeouts. If you would like to know if your closeout goods quality for liquidation or have other questions, reach out to our customer service team for answers.

When we then sell liquidation goods, our buyers number over 400 distinct entities. They’re spread from one coast to the other and include organizations and retailers like private dollar stores, prisons, schools, flea market vendors, farmers markets, community food pantries, and salvage grocery stores. All of our buyers are far removed from typical customer channels.

The discretion of liquidation is baked into our process. The original brand identity must be protected from vulnerability and risk to customer bases. Lewisco Holdings buys products and redistributes them with confidentiality guaranteed.

Lewisco Holdings Best Practices

Liquidation starts by reaching out to Lewisco Holdings. We need to know the brand, the ingredients, the nutrition facts, the size of the package, the quantity of goods, and the dates on the package along with some photos. We usually send an offer the same day; payment upon acceptance of the offer; and collection of the goods that day or the next.

Our process is streamlined through a lengthy history of liquidation. The quality of our process has earned thousands of long term relationships with brands that trust Lewisco Holdings to convey products into appropriate channels. That trust depends on our buyers to continue avoidance of display, advertising, wholesaling, and extending beyond geographic limitations.

Situations that qualify products for inventory include being near or past the best by or expiration dates, closeout or marked down goods, discontinued product lines, overstocked goods, slow selling goods, outdated product versions, turned downs and closeouts, seasonal goods, and so much more.

Should liquidation be the wrong solution for your goods, consider allowing Lewisco Holdings to work as a sales force or as a connection to a turnkey auction service.

On the buying end, we’re able to source specific products by leveraging our numerous clients. Whether you work with us as a customer or client, we strive to satisfy requests.

Liquidation of food closeouts through Lewisco Holdings is a wise choice for primary market members. Call (917) 651-0101 or reach out online to become a liquidation buyer or seller today!