Food Inventory Liquidation

In the modern age of budget cuts and awareness of waste, food inventory liquidation services, like those provided by Lewisco Holdings, are all too important. From salvage groceries to community food banks, members of the secondary marketplace can benefit from significant savings when distributors and manufacturers decide to liquidate excess merchandise.

Food Inventory LiquidationWhen merchandise nears its expiration term or is sluggish in sales, Lewisco Holdings can step in to buy the products. The seller retains at least a portion of the investment, instead of taking a total loss, and we then re-sell the products in the secondary marketplace.

Common instances of products that are right for liquidation include food approaching or having reached the expiration or best by dates, items with damaged or older versions of packaging, off-season products, closeouts, overstocks, products rescued from transportation accidents, and other products that are moving too slowly and tying up cash flow.

Buyers sometimes worry about the products purchased from liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. We’re able to vouch for the safety of the products, as long as purchasers observe a few commonsense standards. We regularly sell to salvage groceries, mom and pop stores, jails, schools, and food banks; clearly, we wouldn’t risk causing injury with unsafe products.

Lewisco Holdings offers several categories of goods, including frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry food as well as non-alcoholic beverages of all sorts.

Frozen food items are safe once frozen, even after the expiration date, so long as they have remained frozen. A visual check will show signs of thaw and freeze problems. Another tip is to consider dates reasonably. The various dates on products have different meanings. Any buyer of liquidated food products should know the difference.

Buyers and sellers benefit from our practiced, established, and widespread logistic capacity. Lewisco Holdings is a master of picking up and delivering quickly, burying name brand products effectively, and matching the product to buyer well. We are not brokers or traders; we purchase what we sell.

Choosing to liquidate excess merchandise helps first line distribution participants make room within storage for newer products without taking a complete loss. During this process, we provide confidentiality, even offering repackaging and branding for products under the Mabel’s Farm label.

Manufacturers often fret that their reputation or brand will be damaged, and we understand that concern. That’s why we require all buyers to prove their willingness to honor manufacturer restrictions – especially those having to do with advertising or geographic boundaries.

Quantity and location aren’t impediments to liquidation through Lewisco Holdings. Once sellers give us a call and send photos, product information, location, and preferred price, we evaluate the info and send a fair offer. If the seller accepts, we’ll pay quickly and pick up the goods that day or the next. Getting excess inventory off your shelves and cash back into the bank couldn’t be easier.

In addition to helping sellers of excess merchandise, Lewisco provides buyers with an opportunity to stock and use great quality goods at lower than warehouse prices.

Food inventory liquidation solves the problem of the provider and does so with as little waste as possible while helping consumers and organizations with tight budgets. At Lewisco Holdings, we look forward to discussing how we can help you: (917) 651-0101.