Food Inventory Buyers

When your food inventory is beginning to age, buyers become few and far between. Don’t allow your goods to lose their appeal by becoming aged and stale. Call Lewisco Holdings to assist your business with the process of liquidating products that you can’t otherwise sell or providing the opportunity to purchase significantly discounted liquidated goods.

Food Inventory BuyersAs a leading liquidator of various food, beverage, and general merchandise products, Lewisco Holdings serves companies across the nation. We have a great deal of experience in taking goods out of primary lines of distribution and introducing them into more appropriate channels. We have streamlined the process to make payments fair, schedules short, and customers satisfied.

Opportunity Buying Companies

Over 400 distinct organizations and retailers make up our network of buyers. The professionals who work at Lewisco Holdings screen all of our buyers and target goods to the right buyer. We have long-term working relationships that promote success for all. Typical examples of secondary market participants include:

  • Food pantries
  • Mom and pop retailers
  • Deep discount salvage grocers
  • Schools
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Prisons
  • Charitable organizations

When it’s time to buy liquidated goods, quantity isn’t an issue. Lewisco Holdings has plenty of buyers, so we’re not limited by the size of the load or the time of the year. We also employ a dedicated carrier fleet and thirteen warehouses across the nation to make sure that no one waits on Lewisco Holdings for very long.

If you’d like to take part in the savings we make possible, you will have to submit to our vetting process and agree to manufacturer restrictions regarding geography, advertising, and display. Our team is always happy to take your call and seek out the products you have in mind.

Lewisco Holdings makes certain commitments. We liquidate goods; we do not act as a broker or a trader. When we purchase goods, the process is fast from purchase to re-sale. Our commitments help companies turn bad choices regarding purchases around through liquidation.

The process that we have works in most situations, but when it doesn’t, we also provide some flexibility. For instance, we will act as your sales team while you maintain possession of the property. Once we sell the goods, we will arrange for shipping. Our contacts also extend into the auction arena if that’s more your speed.

Choosing Lewisco Holdings as a source of liquidation or discounted products works for many companies. Unclogging backlogged supply lines and cash flow will jumpstart your business. No longer will you pay to hold onto merchandise that you can’t sell. As you do so, you won’t have to put forth any effort or time while your reputation will be protected.

Over 3,000 primary market participants entrust us with liquidation. This fact, and our existing reputation, should be clear motivation for choosing us.

If you look around your warehouse or storefront and see closeout goods, items that are almost expired or past expiration, overstocks, discontinuations, cancelled orders, out of season merchandise, or other slow-moving products, don’t wait another day. Call us as soon as possible to make the most of dying product.

When food inventory ages, it goes downhill quickly. Buyers like Lewisco Holdings can transfer these goods into different channels. For more information about how we can help, speak with our team at your earliest convenience to begin liquidation by calling (917) 651-0101.